Handmade52 is a weekly project that I’m hoping will keep my creativity going through 2011. The idea is that each week (for 52 weeks), I will make something, cook something, craft something, or if all else fails, take a really cool photo of something and write about it here. It’s sort of nebulous by design, because 52 weeks of any one of those things would be a little much, but hopefully all together they will be just right. (And hopefully I won’t have too many weeks where I resort to photos – no promises!)

Week One: Pad Thai
handmade52.1 pad thai

Week Two: Teddy Bear Hat
earflaps, little ears, and tassles

Week Three: Freezer Burritos

Week Four: Lindsey’s Hat
handmade52.4 Lindsey's hat

Week Five: Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew

Week Six: More Hats
handmade52.6 more hats

Week Seven: Tetris Cross Stitch
handmade52.7 tetris cross stitch

Week Eight: Linoleum Prints

Week Nine: Chili
handmade52.9 chili

Week 10: Super Giant Cowl
handmade52.10 super giant cowl

Week 11: Tomato and Sausage Risotto
handmade52.11 tomato and sausage risotto

Week 12: Not a Success
handmade52.12 not a success

Week 13: Kickstart
Picnik collage

Week 14: Lemony Spring Risotto
handmade52.14 lemony spring risotto

Week 15: Pom Pom Hat
handmade52.15 pom pom hat for thea!

Week 16: Gnome Hat
handmade52.16 gnome hat

Week 17: Nook Case
handmade52.17 nook case

Week 18: Fingerless Mittens
fingerless mittens!

Week 19: Lots o’ Hexagons!
handmade52.19 hexagons!

Weeks 20 & 21: Still Hexagons
handmade52.20 and 21

Week 23: Asparagus, Goat Cheese and Lemon Pasta
handmade52.23 asparagus, goat cheese and lemon pasta

Weeks 22 and 24: Afghan!

Week 25: Homemade Pizza
homemade pizza!

Week 26: Friendship Bracelets

Week 27: Homemade Oreos
homemade oreos

Week 28: Ripple Afghan

Week 29: Button Earrings
handmade52.29 button earrings

Week 30: Moving Announcements
oh craft room, you are so great

Week 31: Summer Vegetables with Pasta
15.365 :: summer in a bowl

Week 32: Settling In
the living room!

Week 33: Wide Angle Love
the salt marsh

Week 34: Pompoms!

Week 35: Fajita Chicken
we made fajitas!

Week 36: Baby Shower Gifts

handmade52.36: baby shower gifts!

Week 37: Geometric Paintings
chevron and stripes

Week 38: The Craft Room!
stamps and stamp pads!

Week 39: Halloween Wreath
crochet roses

Week 40: Photo Safari
101.365 :: urban jungle

Week 41: Salad in a Jar
130.365 :: salad in a jar

Week 42: Crocheted Christmas Stockings
138.365 :: red and green

Week 43: Paint Your Own Pottery

Week 44: Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies
not the prettiest

Week 45: 30 Before 30 Minibook
30 Before 30 minibook

Week 46: Homemade Mac&Cheese
223.365 :: homemade!

Week 47: Fall Minibook

Week 48: Project Life
Project Life week 3

Week 49: Wedding Countdown Paper Chain

Week 50: Perpetual Birthday Calendar
Perpetual Birthday Calendar

Week 51: Hat, Booties, and Mittens for new baby B
hat, booties, and mittens for my cousin's new baby

Week 52: Birthday hat for Olivia
Olivia's hat

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