30 Before 30

On my 29th birthday, I wrote a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. I wrote a list of 28 Things to Do While I’m 28 and a 27 Things To Do While I’m 27 in the two previous years.

These lists are so much fun, and following along with some of my friends’ birthday lists is almost as much fun as working on my own.
Jodi’s 34 list
Jodi’s 33 list
Cynthia’s 29 list
Cynthia’s 28 list
Kasia’s 27 list
Kasia’s 26 list
Minty’s 33 list

First of all, here is my list:

  1. DO NOT start another daily photo project. (Really. I mean it.)
  2. Add some colors to my converse collection, and take pictures of the adventures I have in them.
  3. Go swimming.
  4. Play miniature golf. (birthday week)
  5. Shoot more film. (Or, stop being afraid to try the Polaroid.) (working on it!)
  6. Make homemade pizza. (Making my own pizza dough is extra credit.) (done WITH extra credit)
  7. Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. (did it! February 18-20)
  8. Go through my clothes and shoes really honestly and donate what I don’t, won’t, or can’t wear. (finally!)
  9. Enjoy now instead of worrying and planning for things that aren’t here yet.
  10. Cook something (or several somethings!) in my newly inherited crock pot. (black bean soup, chicken and sweet potato stew)
  11. Get new glasses. (done!)
  12. Make garlands or paper flowers to hang in my apartment. (it’s not what I intended, but I did crochet a Christmas garland.)
  13. Keep learning how to cook new things.
  14. Work on organizing my grandmother’s old photos.
  15. Decorate the blank walls in my living room and bedroom.
  16. Go on a fancy date. (done)
  17. Spend at least one day at the beach (and not the kind of day where I’m wearing jeans).
  18. Go on a picnic.
  19. Play with sparklers.
  20. Try to tame the mess contained in the Black Hole Closet.
  21. Make a photo book out of Project 365 photos. (done and I’m so glad.)
  22. Get a tattoo. holy crap, I did it.
  23. Make a change.
  24. Knit something. (color block scarf! a striped hat for MacKenzie! a hat for Colton, too! my giant-ass purple cowl! fingerless mittens!)
  25. Don’t spend the year worrying about turning 30.
  26. Eat at Harold’s. (done, tastily!)
  27. Do something completely touristy. Extra points if it’s local and therefore embarrassingly touristy.
  28. Wear heels more often.
  29. Bake something just for me, without an occasion. (done, without much time to spare.)
  30. Consume beer samplers as often as possible. (Triumph in November, again in April, JJ Bitting in May, Harvest Moon in June)

Here’s the blog post I wrote the day I turned 30. And here’s the post with the minibook I made to document this list.

And here are some of the photos I’ve taken to document my progress so far.

My creation
Picnik collage

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