Progress Report

I just realized that the 21st is next week, meaning that my 30th birthday is now almost exactly three months away. And I haven’t even looked at my 30 Before 30 list in … a while. I’m starting to run out of time. I have gotten a few things done so far, but there are way too many things left on this list, things that I need to get started on if I want to have a good showing this year. (One’s self-imposed rules are STRICT, yo. I wouldn’t want to get in trouble for not following them!)

There are a few things on the list that have to wait until the weather gets (significantly) warmer, namely: go swimming (#3), spend at least one day at the beach (#17), go on a picnic (#18), and play with sparklers (#19). I have some plans in mind for #22 (get a tattoo), and that will (hopefully) happen sometime closer to my birthday.

I’m sort of disappointed in myself that I haven’t worked harder on taking photos of my Converse collection (#2), shooting more film (#5), or consuming beer samplers (#30). So I’m definitely going to make those a priority, because what’s more important than sneakers, film, and beer, really?

I know that I probably won’t end up hanging anything on the blank walls in my bedroom and living room (#15) because I’m moving in July (!) and it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to do that with so little time left here. But garlands and/or paper flowers (#12) are easy and simple, so maybe I can make that one of my Handmade52 projects.

As for the rest of the list… there seem to be a few items that are easy to work on now. I will have to clean out the Black Hole Closet (#20) and pare down my clothes (#8) in preparation for packing up the place, anyway, and maybe I can work on that next week while I’m off. And I think that making pizza (#6) and baking something just for me, just because (#29) will both be simple ways I can cheer myself up over the next few weeks. Getting to Harold’s (#26) should be easy, I mean, all I have to do is make it happen, and maybe I can get some friends to join me for that, too. (Although I’m sure my dad wouldn’t want to pass it up, either!) And really, it’s kind of ridiculous that I haven’t yet made a book of my Project365 photos (#21), considering the fact that I’ve been meaning to do that since I finished round 1 in the fall of 2007. Making a flickr set of my favorites is the easiest way to start, and I don’t think I have any excuses anymore.

But one thing I wanted to ask you guys, though, is about #27. Any ideas for something completely touristy? It would, of course, probably end up being a photo excursion… but I’m just not sure what I want to do for this one.

5 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. You’re moving in July?! Are you just moving to a new place or a new state all together? Since I don’t live in Jersey or near there I’m not sure I can recommend anything “touristy” — heck I’ve probably done touristy things and not realized they were touristy.

    You might be able to knock out knock out 3, 17, 18, 19, 22 all in one day if you go to the beach. I’m sure getting a tattoo from someone on the boardwalk is a very good idea. ;-D

    I’m intrigued by these lists… Do you try to put things on the list you know you can achieve or do you try to step out of your comfort zone? I’m thinking I might do one this year. I’m not sure if adding things to the list that I know I’m already planning to do is cheating or not. It probably is cheating.

    • I’m moving to a new place, with Dan – which means a little farther north, to try to find middle ground between where I work and where he works. It is pretty damn exciting, if you ask me.

      That actually is a good idea, to try to get all those outdoorsy ones done in one day, but maaaaybe not a tattoo. 😉

      I try to get a good balance. Some of the things are things I’ve been meaning to do but keep putting off (going through my clothes), some are things I wanted to do but needed something to make me make it happen (the baseball hall of fame, harold’s, the p365 book), some are totally silly, some are things I haven’t done in forever and hate that I haven’t (swimming, going to the beach). It’s sort of a combination of pushing myself do things I keep avoiding, trying to be better (in previous years I’ve had running/exercise goals, trying to take more pictures of people), and trying to make sure I make time for purely fun things. I don’t think anything you put on the list is cheating, though, because it’s your list and you make the rules. (Like, this year, half of those vague ones? Mean something pretty specific in my head; I just don’t want to put them out there on the internet, you know?) But you definitely have to get a balance of things that are too specific that you’ll feel bad or lose interest or not be able to get to, and things that are too vague that you can’t really measure your success.

  2. I’m not very long on touristy ideas, but I can say that when we went to Independence Hall a couple of years ago, we felt like the only people there who were even remotely local. It was a very fun photo excursion that’s very nearby, but everyone there is TOTES a tourist. 😀

    • oooh hmm.. I haven’t been there since our 6th grade Philadelphia walking tour lol. That’s definitely one to consider! I’ll probably end up picking something obvious in NYC.

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