Week 39: Halloween Wreath

So uh… it’s been a while since I have made or cooked anything, that much is obvious. I have made peace with the fact that this 52 week project may take longer than a calendar year, and I suppose that’s okay, even if it kills me a little inside. And I can’t promise I won’t come up with a lot of quick holiday crafts as the year draws to a close to try to get as close as I can. I never said I wasn’t a little crazy in my attempts to avoid breaking my own rules.

I think the mini books I should be making (the long-overdue 30 before 30 book, and the fall book, neither of which I have started, although I have made meaningful piles on my craft table) are hanging over my head in a way that has so far prevented me from starting anything else. I subscribe to a few yarn branded newsletters, and often save them in my inbox because the free patterns they offer look SO good. I rarely follow through, but when my newsletter included a photo of this Halloween wreath from Lion Brand Yarn? I absolutely could not resist. I didn’t even need to buy yarn, just a wreath form and some glue.


I made this over the course of a few afternoons, since the glue needed to dry in between, and since wrapping yarn around a wreath is more painstaking and annoying than I expected. Not that it’ll prevent me from doing this again, all the time. The crocheted roses are without a doubt my favorite part, and I definitely will be making more in pretty colors to turn into pins and little barrettes for my hair. Or to give to other people.

95.365 :: halloween wreath!

crochet roses

crochet bow!

I hung this on the inside of our front door, and I love having something so pretty-yet-spooky to get things feeling a little more Halloweeny around here.

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