Week Four: Lindsey’s Hat

My sister has been very patiently asking me to make her a hat ever since she saw the first hat I crocheted for the first of all of the babies back in August. Once the time-sensitive hats were all made, we finally started deciding what kind of hat she wanted. There were a lot of emails back and forth; she knew she wanted earflaps and braided tassles, but wasn’t sure about the rest, and she really wanted to leave it up to me once she picked the colors (light gray, dark gray, and a small amount of red, to match her winter coat and the snow boots that she just got).

braided tassles

So I made her a hat, with earflaps, braided tassles, and a really fat pom pom on top for good measure.

with a pom pom on top.

The pom pom caused some grief on my part, just because I couldn’t get the plastic pom pom maker I bought to work properly on the first couple of tries. The hat itself is just a teensy bit too big, but Lindsey has really thick hair so it sort of balances out in the end. There are a few details that I’m not happy with, mostly because I was expecting to need quite a few more rows than I did, so I would have added more light gray on the brim, but that really doesn’t matter too much in the long run.


I think she looks totally adorable in it, and she loves the hat, so that makes it a success!

handmade52.4 Lindsey's hat

3 thoughts on “Week Four: Lindsey’s Hat

  1. She does look adorable. Which I’m sure she always does, but the hat (and especially the pompom!) contributes to the overall effect, methinks.

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