Week Seven: Tetris Cross Stitch

I haven’t cross stitched anything since Christmas 2009, when I finally finished the third Elizabethan knot garden for my mom. It’s a nice craft when you want a quick return (or, the mostly simple designs I tend towards are), but it’s definitely something that falls in and out of favor.

I wasn’t really planning to do anything special for Valentine’s Day this year; I have made cards for Dan for the previous two years (2010 and 2009) and made him a (rather awesome) cross stitch that first year, too.

handmade52.7 tetris cross stitch

But then I saw the pattern for a “You Complete Me” tetris cross stitch on the Craft: blog a few months ago, and knew I had to make it. It hits that nerdy-crafty vibe I like so much, and the sentiment? Well that is perfect, too.

there is something so orderly

And he loved it. And I love it. So it’s perfect.

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