Week 30: Moving Announcements

I don’t know what it says about my personality, but one of the things I was most excited about when it came to moving was picking out and sending out moving announcements. I like everything about sending mail, from picking out cute stamps to writing out my friends’ and family members’ addresses, to updating my address book (I always write addresses in pencil so I can update neatly!), to putting a giant pile of envelopes in the mail slot at the post office.

I mean, I had our moving announcement picked out and favorited before we even picked out our apartment.

I fell in love with a print-at-home announcement from nelliedesign’s etsy shop, not only because of the color scheme, which is pretty much exactly the colors we’re using in our new living room. She emailed me with the final high res version within hours of my order, and I printed them once we hooked up my printer in our new place.

oh craft room, you are so great

One of my goals with my birthday Paper Source trip was to get some red envelopes, and since the whole point of moving announcements is to reveal your new address, I just stamped our initials in place of a return address.

e : d

And then covered the envelopes with washi tape. And bought the cutest stamps ever.

handmade52.30 moving announcements

It was fun, I got to use my new craft room and my paper cutter, I got to gather some new addresses, and I got to send mail. It was a good re-entry into the crafty world, since I haven’t been in that mindset for quite a while. So it’s super good.

4 thoughts on “Week 30: Moving Announcements

  1. I actually cut out your address from my birthday card and then 2 days later I got your announcement- so that’s on my fridge instead. I love the pattern and the phrase. Did you use two separate letter stamps or did you get an e:d stamp?

    • haha i have good timing that way. i did use separate letter stamps – i have a set of tiny, lower case letter stamps that probably came from michaels or ac moore… it’s kind of a pain to stamp each letter separately, so i really never use them, but they were just right for this (and i will prob use this idea for return addresses in the future, too, just bc i love using our initials!)

    • thanks! i honestly think that the only things that forced me to do it so quickly were (a) seeing my extended family this past weekend, and wanting to get them out before i saw them in person, since most didn’t know i was moving yet, and (b) this handmade52 project, which is turning into more of a crafty motivator than i really expected. or maybe that’s exactly what i intended? who knows. 🙂

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