Project Life: January

Project Life continues to be one of my favorite things ever, and since 2015 began, I have been trying to keep up the momentum I had in finishing my 2014 album. I feel like I spend a lot more time looking at blog posts and instagram photos of other people’s spreads, and it makes me want to get my hands on paper and printed photos of my own really badly. So far this year, I have been ordering prints of my photos once a month, and then making the pages once the photos arrive on my doorstep. This is partly because more often than not, when it’s time for my free time during one of Ben’s nap, I have to do basic human things like shower and eat. (The logic there being that it’s easier to edit and order photos in one chunk on a weekend, rather than in ten minute increments each week. I’m not sure if this process will continue to work, but I’m going with it for now. Even if it bums me out to have to wait so seemingly long to actually make pages.)

I have decided to use a 9×12 album this year, after two and a half years of working with the 12×12 size. I wanted to change things up, and I was also thinking that the slightly smaller page size might be easier to keep up with. I also theorized that I’d use a more “interesting event/noteworthy day” set up, as opposed to the more strict two pages per week method I’ve used up until this point. I’m not sure if it’s my rather… orderly… personality, but so far? It’s mostly working out to be two pages per week. I am giving myself a little more leeway when it comes to leaving out photos or days that don’t seem all that interesting, though. So maybe it’s working? Or maybe I just like the freedom of not feeling like I have to put a card with the week number in there each week? Either way, I’m enjoying the creative jolt that the different size has given me so far. Oh, and I don’t actually have an album yet, because I wasn’t totally jazzed about the initial release of 9×12 albums. But there are different designs/colors supposedly coming soon, from two sites, so I’m hoping I can get one soon. (Having my pages loose is making me nuts.)

So here are my January pages!

I’ve been really drawn to black and white lately, and I always like to keep my title pages relatively simple (and full of stripes, of course). I am using a printable calendar from Harley Quinn & Co for monthly calendar title pages, printed 5×7.

I’m also including my weekly photos of Ben in my spreads, and it’s really nice to know I have a really good, non-iPhone photo of him to include each week.

These pages included some major milestones for Ben (which I’m also documenting in his baby album, but they were so noteworthy I had to include them here, too), as well as our two year wedding anniversary. I hesitated to include a photo from two years ago in this year’s album, but the photo makes me so happy that I had to include it.

Project Life: January
I keep finding myself drawn to gray and black and white when it comes to journal cards and filler cards this year, so this was my attempt to make a concerted effort to include color. I sorted all of my cards by color right after the new year, thinking it would make it easier to find cards that coordinate with the photos on my pages, but I keep reaching for black and white cards. I’m wondering if it’s a winter thing, or if it’s more of a style evolution. This week was also a great example of just using the best photos – last year I would have used an insert for those beach photos, or just included one, and it was so fun (and liberating!) to be able to include all of them.

And this turned out to be one of my favorite spreads of the month. All of the photos of Ben on the left side are from one afternoon the day after he learned to crawl, and most are screenshots of a video I took. (And therefore all blurry and grainy, so black and white was absolutely the way to go!) He has been SO busy and all of my photos of him are blurry these days, and I like that these photos reflect that.

So that’s it! I’m hoping to be able to get my February photos ordered today, because I can’t wait to keep working on this.

Project Life 2014 Highlights


When I came back here a few weeks ago to see how far I got when it came to posting my Project Life 2014 pages, I was really surprised to realize that I only ever posted my January pages. And then I remembered that while I stayed current until the beginning of February, I didn’t make a single page from early February until I began my maternity leave in May. I got myself all caught up, and then didn’t touch it again until Ben was two months old… and that pattern continued until December. December was amazing, because the instant photos meant I could stay caught up, which felt SO GOOD after being epicly behind all year long. I’m determined to keep this momentum with 2015, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m switching to 9×12 albums, but they aren’t available yet. Ah well. Anyway! Here are some of my favorite pages from 2014!


Many of my winter pages look like this, all snow and ice and blue.


Here, I was documenting my maternity outfits each day, figuring I’d want to remember that some day. I also included this blog post, and the paper with my extended family’s guesses for Ben’s arrival and size.


I don’t use a lot of green, but in 2015 in general, I was really trying to stick to color schemes with each spread. This is also a good example of the method that made it so possible to catch up – I made these 3×4 cards with the Collect app on my phone, and then uploaded them directly to Persnickety Prints. In 2014, I finally started ordering 3×4 prints, rather than printing two on 4×6 paper; not having to trim them really saves so much time.


I had to share this page, because I stared at that left side for months; I made that page just before Ben was born, and then my album was open to that page until I caught up again. I included some 8×10 inserts, with one of our first photos of Ben, which is one of my absolute favorites still.


This is the rest of Ben’s birth day spread; on the left you can see the 8×10 inserts, which include a really detailed version of his birth story, and some photos Dan took in the hospital. The right side has our bracelets, a quote I found on Pinterest while I was in labor that was SO perfect, and some photos I took in the hospital.


This spread also includes some cards from the Collect app, plus one of Benjamin’s teeny tiny newborn-sized onesies (this one was my absolute favorite, so it’s fitting that it has a place of honor here). I’m fairly sure I saw this in Elise‘s Project Life album when her daughter was born, and it stuck in my head because it really reminds me just how tiny he was.


Here’s a page from the end of the summer. I like it because I printed images of some of our summer favorites (the beer we couldn’t stop buying, and those frozen pizzas that I’m still addicted to.)


On the left here is one of my VERY favorite photos of Ben; it was just begging to be printed full size. (And printing full page photos is absolutely a secret trick to catching up when you’re super behind.) On the right are a bunch of photos from one day with Ben; I had been planning to do a day in the life but I never got around to writing out what we did.


This is my first page from December; you can see how I incorporated the daily instant photos, plus some cards writing out what we did each day.


I love the color scheme here; I had a 6×6 paper pad with holiday paper, and it made it really easy to make things look cohesive. On the right, I used a 2×2 coin protector page to include a Day in the Life. Dan and I both did Day in the Life in March, and I’ve been wanting to do another now that Ben is here and we’re in the thick of it. It was a regular day at home together, and I took photos and wrote the journaling as the day went on, which was really fun.


And here’s the last page of the year, with our last few instant photos, and the before and after of my epic haircut (and yes, I did totally cut all my hair off on New Year’s Eve. What better way to start the new year totally fresh?)

So that’s it! I’m really glad I started Project Life a few years ago; it’s such a wonderful creative outlet, and knowing my photos have a home and aren’t just lingering on a hard drive somewhere is SO gratifying. I’m so excited to keep going with this project in 2015!

Project Life: January

With just under a year and a half of Project Life under my belt, it wasn’t even a question that I’d keep it going in 2014. I’m sure, like every thing else, I’ll have to reimagine how I approach it once this baby arrives, but for now, full steam ahead.

I haven’t changed much about my approach for 2014, other than adding some new supplies. I’m now subscribing to the Studio Calico Project Life monthly kit, and definitely enjoyed my January kit. (Especially since I’m not normally much of an embellisher; having embellishments that not only coordinate with cards but are fun/cute has been an interesting adventure so far.) I now have three core kits: Seafoam, Honey, and Midnight. I’m especially obsessed with Midnight, which I’ve only been using since this year began, and am loving the simple, clean lines. I also bought Ali Edwards’s weekly title card overlays. Last year, I just used Photoshop to add text with the week number to a photo, but I’m loving how these overlays look so far this year.

Project Life 2014

I wanted to go simple but bold with this year’s title page, and I was super inspired by the triangles featured in both Elise Blaha’s 2014 title page and Trish Harrison’s 2014 title page. I probably could have used a template, but instead I created this in Photoshop myself, painstakingly dragging black rectangles around the canvas, erasing corners of my photo… even though it took over an hour and I nearly went cross-eyed in accomplishing it (self taught isn’t always the best way…), I just love how it turned out. Stripes, black and white, me being weird and Dan being awesome. It’s perfect.


week 1.2

Week one was a short week, so I was glad to have such fun cards from Studio Calico to fill in the spots. I also used part of Elise Blaha’s 2014 photo calendar for the monthly calendar card on the left side. I tend to fill my 3×4 slots with journaling cards and photos, so when I’m planning my pages, I have to make a concentrated effort to leave space for “filler” cards or I’ll never end up using them. So far I’m liking it. (I also included the feather from one of Luna’s toys, since I had the photo of her with said toy, and the toy only lasted two days before she ripped the feather completely off anyway.) (Sidenote: I was putting this page together at our crafternoon last weekend, and could hardly stand how PINK it was. I don’t hate pink, but I really, really avoid it in my pages, for whatever reason.)

Project life: week 2

week 2.2

Lots of black, white and yellow this week – so the Midnight kit was perfect alongside the black and white cards from the Studio Calico kit. This was an instance in which I ended up converting the photos to black and white so they’d look nicer together. It was all over the place before I did that, for sure.

week 3.1

week 3.2

Week three was another simple week. Sometimes I look at pages like this, with so many of the “filler” cards, and feel like I phoned it in, but there’s really a ton of journaling in this week’s spread, so it’s just a matter of adjusting my thinking to be able to include some stuff just because it’s pretty.

Project life: week 4

week 4.2

week 4.3

week 4.4

Week four included our one year anniversary. We celebrated in a few different ways over a few days, so I included two inserts: one with photos from our celebrations (and some confetti) and one for our cards. This week also includes a photo that illustrates how my approach to Project Life is so inherently different than how I used to approach daily photo projects – the blurry, not “cute” photo of Luna on the right hand side with her neon green shoelace is simply not what I’d ever consider a “good” photo or one worth posting on flickr or instagram at ALL. But I didn’t hesitate to print it for my album, because someday she won’t be so small and so crazy, dragging her green shoelace up the stairs and onto our bed to roll around with and play.

week 5.1

week 5.2

Green is another color that I rarely gravitate toward, but it pulled the photos together in a way that I really loved, and I had so many green cards that worked so nicely.

Project Life 2013: Highlights

I haven’t posted about Project Life in a while, which is not to say that I abandoned the project. In reality, I was keeping up pretty steadily, right up until I packed up my craft room before we moved back in September. And then between unpacking a whole house, finding out I’m pregnant, being tired all the time, waiting for my new furniture… I didn’t touch it until almost halfway through December. I had a LOT of catching up to do.

But like I mentioned in this post, I planned each week’s pages during those three months in my little notebook. That’s the ONLY reason I was able to catch up without too big of a headache. I spent one long afternoon on my laptop editing photos, and then a few long afternoons at my new desk building the pages themselves. (Incidentally, I was amazed, sitting in that crafty space, working with photos and paper again, at how much it felt like a relief. Like I finally recognized myself after all of the upheaval of moving and impending motherhood and all that crap. It was a pretty cool moment, and one that really hammered home for me- even if it’s obvious to people who care about me- how important crafting is for my sense of self. And knowing how much my life will change all over again this spring, I’m going to hold onto it.)

Anyway! With a few afternoons of happy crafting (dodging a curious kitten) in December, I finished up my 2013 album. I’m not going to post all of my pages here, because honestly. So I am posting my favorite pages, instead. I’m absolutely continuing this project in 2014, and I can’t wait to get started.

Project Life 2013: 2nd title page

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Project Life: Halfway Point

I have wanted to write a bit about how Project Life has been working out for me this year, since I really love reading about how others approach the project. I also LOVE seeing pictures of your craft desk/corner/area. And truly, I think Project Life is so accessible, so I feel like writing about how I approach it might help someone out there realize that they could TOTALLY do this, too. The irony of the timing of this post isn’t lost on me, as I’m here posting photos of my craft space only after it’s all packed away ahead of our move this week. I don’t know how I’ll set up my craft space in the new house, but I know that this set up worked really well for me so I’m sharing it here anyway.

album #1 is done!
I finished my first album with week 26, so it includes January – June. It seems that some people can get an entire year in one album, and others split the year into two (or even three!) albums. I squeezed 7 months into one album in 2012, which was probably just a bit much.

album #1 - end page
Here is the end page of my first album for 2013. I posted a photo of my first page in this post. I’m trying to keep the style simple, with black and white photos, some of the same patterns from the title page, and some notes about the year so far.

It’s funny to read that starting post again, because I definitely haven’t been using more “real camera” photos. Most weeks are primarily iPhone photos, and I’m okay with that, really. I still use the calendar cards and “this week” journaling cards, but sometimes I remove them if I have more content, or want to use that slot for something else. I’m trying to relax my self-imposed rules for the project by a lot, which goes a long way toward making it more accomplish-able.

So how do I approach putting my pages together?
how I plan pages
I have been using the same basic method for a long time now. I have a small 6×8 spiral notebook that keeps everything together. It actually started with what I thought of as my “wedding planning” notebook, and has expanded to be the notebook where I plan PL pages, write important to do lists… everything I don’t want to forget. It’s easy to toss in my bag if I want to work on the week’s plan at lunch, and doesn’t take up too much desk real estate when I’m building the pages itself.

Each week, I draw out the spread, and put the week number and dates at the top and bottom of the page. I use pen for the framework – and then pencil for everything else. I tend to move things around and change my mind as the week goes on. I use the mini calendar at the bottom for a quick summary of what happened each day, as I’m always surprised how quickly I forget what happened each day. I use the margins to include a list of the photos I’ve taken so far, and to help determine if I need an insert to accommodate extra photos, etc.

There are some weeks where I put the pages together very quickly, but every week, without fail, I fill out my pencil plan during the actual week. This makes it SO much easier to build pages even if I’m doing it several weeks (or a month!) later. Seriously, if you take one thing from this: it’s that planning out pages as the weeks happen is HUGE.

Building the pages themselves happens in two stages: 1. Editing/cropping photos, creating any text files, and printing everything on my printer at home, and then 2. Actually filling the page protectors. Sometimes I print the photos that week or the week after, and don’t make the page until 3 weeks later, and sometimes I print them much later. It depends on a lot of things – whether I have an evening to myself while Dan’s gaming or staying late at work, how lazy I feel, how much else is going on, etc.

My desk often looks like this. Even after I organize it nicely, this is mostly how things end up. I have the piles organized by size or category (the pile to the left is all letter stickers, for example). It sort of makes sense as I’m working, but I often forget about supplies that I don’t use much.

Once I bought the second core kit (I now have Honey and Seafoam), I bought little bins for 3×4 and 4×6 cards. I pulled out one or two of each design so they’re handy, since flipping through the entire box wasn’t working very well. I’m very tempted to get one of these Things Bins from fab to replace all of my various mugs, bins, and bowls… even though I love them (and the excuse to buy more mugs/bowls/bins).

my workspace
This is my desk on a good day. I try to keep it clean when I’m not working, so that I can pile the papers and business cards and menus I collect as the days pass right in the middle where they won’t get lost. (Or, okay, sometimes “clean” = keep all the crap off of the green mat.)

And this is my super-fancy solution to where to keep my album as I’m filling pages. We had piles of wedding gifts in my craft room (because our apartment has been packed to the GILLS, and we’re saving many of these for the new house, to help the new house feel even more fun, rather than have to re-pack everything now), and I made a nice little shelf out of boxes. I keep the open album on the pseudo shelf, which is right behind me when I’m sitting at my desk. In my new space I would LOVE a corner desk, but I’m not sure it’ll work out that way.

So that’s how it works. I have gotten pretty seriously behind a few times this year, and surely will with our move to the new house this week, and that little spiral notebook has made it possible to catch back up pretty quickly. I’m always looking for more ways to stay organized, that’s for sure. I’ll probably also sign up for Catherine Davis’s Process workshop at Big Picture, just because I can’t get enough of anything process- and organization-related.

Project Life: June

I have had my June Project Life pages done for a while, but just never got around to blogging them.  June started out with the honeymoon, which was fantastic, of course, and then was pretty mundane, other than quite a few house hunting updates.

I made a Project Life mini album for the honeymoon (which reminds me: I should take photos so I can blog about it one of these days), but wanted to document the week in my main album, as well. All of the journaling is in the mini album, so I chose my favorite photos to include here.

Project Life: June

Week 24 contained a few days off for me after we got back from Antigua, which I’m so glad about. Things like a haircut and pizza seemed so “real life” after getting back from such a great trip.

I like how the color scheme developed naturally on these pages, taking the orangey/yellow/browns from the photos and into the cards from the kits that I used.

Dan and I were with our respective families for Father’s Day this year, but much like I did for Mother’s Day back in May, I wanted to include photos of each of our fathers here.

Week 25 included Dan’s first day at his new position, a trip to the movies, and a color-focused photo project for me.
The other really big news was my sister and brother-in-law’s new puppy, Jax. I used an insert because I couldn’t narrow down the photos of him and had to include them all. (Even more knowing he won’t be this little and calm for very much longer!)

The back of the insert – adore these photos of my parents with Jax, and with his “uncle” C.J., who looks gigantic compared to baby Jax. (C.J is James’s parents’ dog.)

Rounding out June was week 26, a rough week in which we confronted some harsh realities about the house hunting process, and I battled one of the more intense headaches I can ever remember.
Project Life: June

Project Life: May

I have been so many weeks behind on Project Life for the bulk of 2013; it was a little like I just never overcame the deficit caused by the wedding. Luckily, planning the pages in real time has saved a ton of time in putting them together after the fact. I finished the June pages in my two days off before we left for our honeymoon, which mean that I left for the honeymoon 100% caught up. It was a great feeling, and I’m even more happy with these pages than I was with April’s.

Week 18 was a strange week; Dan was in Dallas for work the whole week. But it was the first time we’ve both had iPhones, so we used FaceTime almost every night. It’s always a little rough when he travels, but I never realized how different video chat is from just hearing his voice. I took screenshots each night while he was gone, and like how the page feels just like that week did. (Also, it’s really hard for me to resist using numbers from my giant Stendig calendar for each week’s title card… I may have to start doing that more often, because I love how it looks.)

I did a Day in the Life while Dan was gone – just pictures this time, all taken on my phone when I remembered. This insert really reminds me of my days living alone.

The right side, featuring the crazy diorama Dan and I constructed for a work presentation of his, and photos from our most recent trip to Princeton with Eleanor and Liz.

Week 19 was busy for both of us; we were both sick and dealing with big work events.

An insert to document our trip to the Washington Crossing Beer Fest, which was a ton of fun. We tried so many beers, dodged rain showers, and mostly just marveled at how beautiful it was.

Project Life: Week 19, right side
This is one of my favorite pages so far; I have always had issues in not taking enough photos of friends and family, so I insisted that Dan and I each take a photo with our moms on Mother’s Day. And I’m really glad I did that.

Week 20 wasn’t too special; we watched a lot of playoff hockey and basketball, and finally watched The Office series finale.

Project Life week 21: right side
And another of my favorite pages so far; again, super simple but documents a lot of the every day details. I had just gotten my hands on the Honey core kit, and all three of these journaling cards are from that set. I love how there are lots of multiples like this that can look so nice used together.

Project Life Week 22: left side
And the last page of May, the few days before we left on our honeymoon, aka days that were really hard to focus on much of anything. But one of the bigger milestones was Dan’s last day at the job he’s had for the last 5 years (he’s at the same company, but a new department now). It was a really memorable day, and I asked Dan if he would mind writing down how it went so that it was in his words, rather than re-told by me. He was totally game, and I love it.

Project Life: April

It has been a while since I posted here, and I never know how to start again when that happens. It has also been a really long time since I posted any of my Project Life pages, and I am still loving this project so much that it seems like such a shame to leave them hiding away unseen by anyone but me. I thought it would be neater to just start with April’s pages, which are all pretty simple, for the most part.

Project Life: week 14
Week 14 was a week in which I had very, very few photos. I was obsessed at the time with my brand new gold boat shoes, especially when combined with brightly colored pants. I really love how this page turned out.

I really enjoyed the two books I flew through this week, so it was a great way to get to include them, as well as a quote I particularly loved from The Fault in our Stars (which you should REALLY read. I know I’m late to the party on this, and yes, it will make you cry like a fool, but it’s so worth it). We also went on our first house hunting trip this week, which was huge news.

Week 15 showed signs of spring (finally), and I had to include the photos I took of those signs. We also had some crazy and turbulent weather, and Dan and I fell into some pretty serious Candy Crush Saga obsession that is still going strong two months later.

I’m enjoying the Monday starts this year especially because it means that I often get to leave the entire right page just for weekend activities (which is great, as there are often more interesting photos of that stuff). We had a great time on Friday night with my sister and her husband and my brother and his girlfriend. We saw some more houses, and then hung out with one of Dan’s friends in NYC.

Project Life: week 16
Week 16 was SPRING, finally. And the bombings at the Boston Marathon. I never know whether to include much about current events, but this is a good example of one that we couldn’t stop thinking about, watching news, and the fact that it spanned so many days in what felt like some sort of awful action movie come to life, it wouldn’t have been right to exclude it. The 3×4 card is a folded card that tells the story of that house, which I fell in love with, HARD, and which we seriously considered bidding on, until we went back and admitted what buying it would really mean. I was brokenhearted, and really wanted to tell the story (even if it makes me feel awkward thinking about it and that house now).

Our 3 month anniversary! Hanging out with family and one of the happiest babies on the block, and our first in-person baseball game of the season.

This week gave me a great place to save the card that came with the flowers my colleagues sent me for Administrative Professionals Day – flowers which completely took me by surprise and really meant a lot, especially during such a busy time of year.

Lots of photos of food and Dan, which I love. Another book cover, as I became obsessed with The Passage all over again as I re-read it to prepare to read the sequel.

Many of these pages were super simple because I got so behind and was putting these together using my notes, but sometimes I find that the simplest pages are the best. Seeing all of the Project Life kits and blog posts and photos everywhere, and design team inspiration… it can all get really overwhelming. People are doing some amazingly creative, beautiful things with Project Life. Sometimes I feel like I should have more supplies, or subscribe to a kit, or embellish more… but then again, then it wouldn’t be me. And isn’t that the whole idea anyway?

Project Life: Weeks 9 and 10

I’m still behind on Project Life, but working hard to catch up, both in blogging it and in actually creating the pages. I’ve created pages through the end of March, but then again… April is over in only a few more hours. Baby steps… right? I do still really love this project; sometimes I wonder if planning the pages is one of the best parts. (At least they’re all planned!)

But anyway. Week 9 was all the way back in February, and that means we’re going back in time to the era of my name change. The best part, though, of Week 9 was definitely the fact that I got Dan to participate in Day in the Life. This is exactly the kind of thing that I’m going to be SO glad he did in ten years. Hell, even two months later it’s fun to look back on. (And how cool is it that he was willing?) Looking back, I’m so happy to see so much Dan in this week’s pages; that was definitely one of my goals for this year’s album.

Project Life: Week 9
Yes. I totally saved my old credit card in one of the pockets. That thing was in my wallet for years! I also can’t seem to stop saving the cardboard sleeves from coffee cups.

Project Life: Week 9

Project Life: Week 9

Project Life: Week 9

Week 10 involved some regular (and more stressful than usual) days, but the big exciting, documentable thing was for sure our weekend getaway slash mini honeymoon to Washington, DC. The trip was made possible thanks to an awesome wedding gift from my sister, brother-in-law, brother, and brother’s girlfriend, and even though we may have wanted to travel sooner, it was exactly what we needed, exactly when we needed it most. It was great to get away, and I took a million photos of our adventures. Full page photos, two inserts on top of the regular pages… just awesome. (Also fun: collecting every single bit of paper we could through the four days; I had so much to work with!)

Project Life: Week 10

Project Life: Week 10

Project Life: Week 10

Project Life: Week 10

Project Life: Week 10

Project Life: Week 10

Project Life: Weeks 7 and 8

The middle of February seems so long ago, but I do love how the pages for Project Life came together rather simply, yet full of color. (I’m also trying to let go of needing to document something from every day, in favor of things that are more fun, like all of the Valentine’s Day stuff this year.)

Project Life week 7
Valentine’s week! I’m sure other things happened, but our first married Valentine’s Day, featuring flowers, pink pants, a heart painted on my nails, and Jodi’s Valentine’s postcard was much more fun to document. I wanted to include things from the other days, but couldn’t eliminate any of these and decided that was totally okay.

Project Life week 7
This page is all weekend. I totally swiped that placemat menu from the bar where we had dinner with my sister and her husband and my brother and his girlfriend on Friday night. (I kinda love that my loved ones are now 100% used to me swiping any and all available papergoods whenever we’re out. Sometimes they even spot them; I’m fairly sure my brother asked why I wasn’t going to take this menu home.) We also got to visit some of my college friends and their adorable daughters on Sunday afternoon, which was such a great treat.

Project Life week 8
Week eight didn’t include too many photos, but I made up for it with some cute paper, washi tape, and the envelope that included some mail at work. (Mail from Europe looks so much more fun than US mail.) It was also our one month anniversary, which seems crazy.

Project Life week 8
But this page is my favorite. Dan spent the weekend at Dreamation, which is a gaming convention in northern NJ. He loves it, and did a pretty fantastic job of saving me his badge and taking a few pictures for the album. The top two slots are a photo from my Saturday afternoon at work to catch up, and a napkin and business card from my Saturday night out with friends while Dan was in the midst of a 12 hour gaming session.