Week 32: Getting Settled

I’m sure it’s nothing but obvious that at this point, I’m struggling with this Handmade52 project. Once the move was over and I finally had a moment to breathe, I just couldn’t muster much creative energy. I have a few ideas but following through on them… just hasn’t been happening. I’ve been so TIRED.

And as I was using my borrowed wide angle lens to take some photos of what our new apartment looks like, now that it’s almost at a point where I want to show it off to people, I realized that settling in, unpacking, arranging furniture and tchotkes is creative and handmade, too. It’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s not like I haven’t been doing things since I stopped counting them for this project. So. For week 32 of Handmade52, I’m counting getting settled into our new place, because I think we’re really close to being where we want to be, minus a few wall decorations. And that’s super good stuff.


the living room!

dining room and kitchen

craft room/second bedroom

the craft room/second bedroom

extra bathroom

master bedroom

master bedroom

the patio

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