Week 14: Lemony Spring Risotto

The food supply situation in my apartment reached danger levels over the weekend (no jelly! no string cheese! one more slice of bread! no cranberry juice!), so I used the trip to the grocery story as motivation to actually cook something new, which I haven’t done in a while. I have been wanting to make this recipe found on the Weight Watchers site recently, because I haven’t yet cooked every type of risotto that exists. The recipe had all sorts of tasty-sounding ingredients: asparagus, peas, and lemon. It may not feel like spring outside, but I can force spring in my kitchen.

handmade52.14 lemony spring risotto

I only modified the recipe a bit – mostly by adding way more vegetables than they said to use. (I used about a pound and a half of frozen cut asparagus, because the fresh stuff at not-my-usual grocery store looked so sad, and a whole package of frozen peas, rather than a measly cup.) My only complaint about this recipe is due to my own error – it was a bit TOO lemony, but that’s because I went a little overboard when zesting the lemon and didn’t measure what I ended up with; it was most certainly more than the teaspoon that was called for.

But these? These are some leftovers I will look forward to eating (as opposed to that potato stew which is still in my freezer, making me feel guilty).

3 thoughts on “Week 14: Lemony Spring Risotto

  1. You should never apologize for making risotto! There’s a reason there’s an almost infinite variety of recipes out there — it’s such a versatile and delicious dish! This looks and sounds completely scrumpsh, and extremely welcome this time of year, despite the weather insisting on not being springy.

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