Oh, hello April

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And hello, dreadfully neglected blog. I suppose the biggest cliche in blogging is to write about how you haven’t written, or to apologize for not writing. And I could certainly do that. In the past few months, I haven’t done many of the things that I usually claim to be my hobbies: writing, reading, crafting… (although I have still been taking pictures) Because I’ve been busy? Because life gets in the way sometimes? Because I no longer have the downtime I used to during my work days? Because I really only ever wrote about impersonal things (like crafts) instead of life anyway, so when I stopped doing those things I had nothing I wanted to say?

I don’t really know.

But I have been craving writing again, and I think I have things to say, or maybe just things I want to document. (I haven’t even written in my paper journal since before the tattoo last summer. There has been a lot of Life in the time since then, that’s for sure.) So here I am.

And to get me started, here are the things that I absolutely want to tell you about: the craft supplies I’ve bought in the past few months and can’t wait to use; how I feel about my Big Career Change six months later; how that dumb True Colors personality test finally makes sense; getting! engaged!; why the internet makes planning your wedding more frustrating… and maybe somewhere in there I’ll find six more things to cook or craft so I can finish that damned Handmade52 project, too.

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