Week 35: Fajita Chicken

45.365 :: fajitas!

Dan and I haven’t cooked anything at home in a while, and when we were writing our grocery list on Saturday morning, we figured that we might as well make a nice dinner since we were making a big trip to the store to replace all of the food we lost during the power outage anyway. We had this amazing marinated chicken at our friends’ place last month, and Dan loved it so much that he’s been asking if we can make it ourselves ever since, so that seemed like the best thing to try.

handmade52.35 : fajitas!!

The marinade (I’m not sure where Jess got it, but it might have been a Moosewood cookbook?) consisted of a jalapeno, garlic, lime juice, cilantro, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce and a few other things, and wasn’t too difficult to put together. The chicken marinated for about 15 minutes before we cooked it in a pan on the stove (note to self: get a grill pan, asap!). Confession: I haven’t ever cooked chicken this way, and we were trying really hard not to call my mom to ask for advice, just because we really need to start figuring this shit out for ourselves. I got a bit snippy at Dan during the process, just because I feel like I should know this already, and not be so grossed out by raw chicken at the age of thirty.

we made fajitas!

It worked out fine, and we worked well as a team cooking and cleaning as we went. We cooked three bell peppers in the same pan, and then rolled them into fajitas. It was SO TASTY I can’t even tell you. We couldn’t resist second helpings and didn’t end up with any leftovers at all. All in all? This wasn’t a difficult dinner, and one that we both really enjoyed. Plus? It wasn’t unhealthy, which is pretty huge, too.

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