Week 13: Kickstart

Back when I came up with this whole Handmade52 project idea, I intended to make myself create something (food or otherwise) each week. I gave myself the option of taking a photo as a backup in a week when I needed some help, or got busy, but the truth is that I never really intended to let a photo count. I didn’t really realize how I’d be feeling about life this winter, though, and while having the project to force me to be more crafty and to cook more has been a lifesaver, in the past few weeks I just haven’t been feeling it. I haven’t taken any photos, nor have I felt like it, I haven’t been as jazzed about crocheting or knitting, and my schedule has been so nutty that I haven’t been home many evenings to cook. It was starting to feel like work, and that was not something I was happy about at all. (Because giving up is allowed, but I really just don’t want to.)

Picnik collage

The good news is that I found some inspiration for knitting and crochet projects in the past few days (wait until you see what I finished on Friday!), and I actually took photos that I’m happy about three days in a row. I suppose in a way that returning to such overdone subjects (bokeh and the Asbury Park boardwalk) might be too obvious, but I’ve been in such a creativity rut lately that perhaps I needed to ease back into things with something obvious. And the extra side bonus? “Revisiting something you’ve photographed more than three times” is an item on the Super Mega Exciting Radical Scavenger Hunt, which I have been meaning to start for three months now.

Picnik collage

with a little flare for good measure.

So things are feeling a little better, and that’s emphatically a good thing.

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