Week Two: Teddy Bear Hat

handmade 52.2 teddy bear hat!

I have been cooking up this project for a long time, and it’s one of those things that I got so, so excited about that it was hard to keep it a secret. Before September, I had never made a hat of any kind, but the influx of babies among my family and friends lately has me completely, totally obsessed with making hats. I knitted a few first, but there’s something so satisfying and fun about crocheting a hat, maybe because I really prefer to start at the crown and work down, whereas the knitting patterns I’ve seen so far start at the brim and work up. (Maybe I just need to knit more hats, though!)

earflaps, little ears, and tassles

Anyway! I first saw this pattern on ravelry and ended up buying it from the Inner Hooker etsy store. Little ears on babies pretty much slay me. I actually have now made two of these hats, one to give to my cousin’s new baby for Christmas, and one as a first birthday present for Jonah. The pattern sizing seemed a little off, and I’m not sure if that’s because of the wrong hook or what… but I just made it in a smaller size (3-6 months for 1 year old baby J fit him perfectly; when I made the 12 month size it came out like 20+ inches in diameter which is like… gigantic). I ended up adapting the earflap design from the Stitch-n-Bitch crochet book.

braided tassles

But seriously, I love how this turned out and I loved making it and I hope you guys don’t get sick of hats, because I’ve got at least two more in the works.


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