Week 38: The Craft Room!

the craft room: before

Confession time: this is what the second bedroom has looked like since we moved in two and a half months ago. This was arguably the part of our new place that I was most excited about (other than finally living with Dan, I guess), but somehow, with moving, and then our birthdays, and then a trip to Cape Cod, and then changing jobs, and then being so busy I don’t have time to text at my new job, I just couldn’t ever muster up the energy to do this the right way.

See, for my 30th birthday, my parents bought me an amazing piece of furniture, namely a wooden cart with EIGHT drawers in which to organize my crafty stuff. It didn’t arrive until a few weeks after my birthday, so ostensibly I was delaying setting up the craft room because of that, and then delaying because I wanted to come up with the MOST PERFECT way to allocate the drawers, and MOST PERFECT is kind of overwhelming sometimes.

Anyway! It was getting hard to do any crafts at all with the room looking like that, not to mention kind of hazardous to get anything from there. Dan’s parents were coming over this past weekend to see the new place, so I finally unpacked and got everything put away just so a few hours before they arrived.

the craft room: ready for action!

And it is SO GREAT in there now. I have light, space to work, and everything is organized in a way that I can rifle through it without making a giant mess that’s overwhelming to clean up. I can even wheel the whole cart over to the table if I want. I’m jazzed. I know I say that every week of Handmade 52, but this? This is what it’s all about, dudes.

this may have been the kitchen table once a long time ago, but it’s the perfect craft desk.

the best thing ever
the super coolest piece of furniture EVER.

crochet/knitting magazines, minibooks, and composition books and blank notebooks

washi tape, embellishments, binder rings

glue and things that stick things

scissors and things that cut

stamps and stamp pads!
stamps and ink pads

paper scraps

paint and paint brushes

cards and blank paper already cut small

bigger things, crayons, buttons, etc.

4 thoughts on “Week 38: The Craft Room!

  1. omg, i LOVE it! that craft cabinet is super awesome!!! where is it from??
    also, which paper trimmer is that? i need a better one!
    and, i spy some of my moo business cards! =)

  2. So awesome Elizabeth! Do you have any 12×12 paper and where do you keep it? I am also in need of finding a place for my rolled paper from Paper Source. I want to see that room in person!!! 🙂

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