Weeks 22 and 24: Afghan!

Guys, I finished the granny hexagon afghan yesterday! And I am SO HAPPY with how it  came out. I’ve been working on it on and off since last November, as best I can figure, and the past few weeks have been a flurry of weaving in ends, stitching all 95 hexagons together, weaving in more ends, and crocheting the scalloped border. While this afghan will go to my parents with the orange couch it was made to match, I’m really glad I finished it a few months before moving day, because it means that I can enjoy it, too.


I decided to join the granny squares with slip stitches rather than the recommended whip stitch, just because I can work faster with the crochet hook. It’s a nitpicky process, but I like how it looks, with the seams only visible from the back of the blanket.


This is the largest item that I have ever crocheted, which is noteworthy since I’ve been crocheting for at least 15 years and have never finished a blanket (other than the baby-sized one I made last summer, which was what got me itching to make a full-sized one).



4 thoughts on “Weeks 22 and 24: Afghan!

  1. It looks fabulous!!! I didn’t realize the blocks were going to be arranged in stripes — that’s awesome! It really does look great with the couch, too. Your parents are so lucky to get it!

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