Week 29: Button Earrings

I’m behind in posting my Handmade52 projects, but I have still been working on things. Or, I worked on some things ahead of time to keep the project afloat through the move.

Way back in May, Dan and I saw Bridesmaids and I became obsessed with solid colored stud earrings in various shapes. I wrote about it in a guest post on Cynthia’s blog, too, and intended to turn some buttons I’d bought into some super sweet earrings.


Except as it turned out, I couldn’t find any craft tools or tool-tools in my arsenal that would remove the shanks from the buttons that I bought so cheaply.


Luckily, I have a dad who has some pretty awesome problem-solving skills. Namely, when there’s some sort of handiwork type problem I can’t solve, I can be pretty confident that Dad will be able to figure it out. So I brought my buttons over to him and let him do his magic. (I’m still not sure what magic that was, but the button backs were removed so I could go on with my craft.)

I wasn’t sure what type of adhesive to use; I’d had bad luck trying to repair the red earrings with hot glue (the red ones used to be real earrings and I loved them so much that I saved them for over a year, hoping to be able to make them back into earrings someday). In the end, I just used krazy glue, and it worked like a charm.


It turned out that the yellow and pink buttons weren’t flat enough in the back to be able to glue them to earring posts, so if you ever decide to do this yourself, do yourself a favor and doublecheck that the buttons are flat on the back.


So! I am super jazzed about my earrings. But since I can’t really be asking my dad to saw the backs off of buttons all the time, I think I’ll leave this craft to the etsy masters in the future… unless I find another set of buttons that I can’t resist.

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