Week 16: Gnome Hat

This Handmade52 project sometimes feels like the Hats All The Time project, but I can’t help it if they are easy and so giftable. Dan’s very good friends had a baby last year, and I wanted to be able to make something for Dan (and me) to give to Oskar to honor his first birthday, which was at the beginning of April. I’ve clearly been hoarding hat patterns since the fall, but when Craft linked to a pattern for a gnome hat from Lorajean’s Magazine, I wanted to make it IMMEDIATELY.


I have made a lot of baby hats in the last eight months or so, and I might have to go ahead and say it: this gnome hat may be the winner in terms of easiness plus cute factor. Poor Oskar doesn’t really like hats right now, so I couldn’t get a photo of him in the hat, but it was just the right size and to-die-for cute. (Seriously, click through to the pattern to see it on the head of a baby. Adorable.)


One thought on “Week 16: Gnome Hat

  1. Oh, this is for a baby? I was just thinking I really like that… I wonder if she can make me one? Heh-heh. It would probably look better on a baby though…

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