Week 23: Asparagus, Goat Cheese and Lemon Pasta

I realized recently that I haven’t really been cooking lately. At all. (Looking back – it’s been almost ten weeks!) Granted, there has been a lot going on. But now that things seem to be settling (at least until my birthday and moving this summer, but we’re not talking about that right now), I felt like it was time to get back to trying to cook again. Of course, I picked one of the hottest days of the year for my cooking renaissance. Nice.

handmade52.23 asparagus, goat cheese and lemon pasta

Anyway, I wasn’t looking for anything too complicated, and I settled on the Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for Asparagus, Goat Cheese and Lemon Pasta, because it seemed new enough (goat cheese!) but still easy enough for a weeknight dinner. I seem to go through phases with cooking, phases in which I become obsessed with one particular ingredient and only recipes containing said ingredient sound tasty to me. I suppose I could pick worse things than asparagus.


Anyway, it’s still the right time of year to get good asparagus, so I made this for dinner tonight. As per usual, I managed to make more of a mess than might have been strictly necessary, but this came together so quickly and easily! It was creamy but still light, the asparagus was so fresh, and the lemon brightened the whole thing up perfectly. Yum.

(Don’t worry; I didn’t forget Week 22. It’s coming, just later than usual!)

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