Project Life: June

I have had my June Project Life pages done for a while, but just never got around to blogging them.  June started out with the honeymoon, which was fantastic, of course, and then was pretty mundane, other than quite a few house hunting updates.

I made a Project Life mini album for the honeymoon (which reminds me: I should take photos so I can blog about it one of these days), but wanted to document the week in my main album, as well. All of the journaling is in the mini album, so I chose my favorite photos to include here.

Project Life: June

Week 24 contained a few days off for me after we got back from Antigua, which I’m so glad about. Things like a haircut and pizza seemed so “real life” after getting back from such a great trip.

I like how the color scheme developed naturally on these pages, taking the orangey/yellow/browns from the photos and into the cards from the kits that I used.

Dan and I were with our respective families for Father’s Day this year, but much like I did for Mother’s Day back in May, I wanted to include photos of each of our fathers here.

Week 25 included Dan’s first day at his new position, a trip to the movies, and a color-focused photo project for me.
The other really big news was my sister and brother-in-law’s new puppy, Jax. I used an insert because I couldn’t narrow down the photos of him and had to include them all. (Even more knowing he won’t be this little and calm for very much longer!)

The back of the insert – adore these photos of my parents with Jax, and with his “uncle” C.J., who looks gigantic compared to baby Jax. (C.J is James’s parents’ dog.)

Rounding out June was week 26, a rough week in which we confronted some harsh realities about the house hunting process, and I battled one of the more intense headaches I can ever remember.
Project Life: June

2 thoughts on “Project Life: June

  1. That Coldplay song is absolutely one of my favorites. And that line IS my favorite from the song. It applies to so many different situation and usually makes me cry. But anyway, the pages look awesome. Hopefully you’ll get your summer stamp to help you finish out some summer-y pages! 🙂

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