Project Life: May

I have been so many weeks behind on Project Life for the bulk of 2013; it was a little like I just never overcame the deficit caused by the wedding. Luckily, planning the pages in real time has saved a ton of time in putting them together after the fact. I finished the June pages in my two days off before we left for our honeymoon, which mean that I left for the honeymoon 100% caught up. It was a great feeling, and I’m even more happy with these pages than I was with April’s.

Week 18 was a strange week; Dan was in Dallas for work the whole week. But it was the first time we’ve both had iPhones, so we used FaceTime almost every night. It’s always a little rough when he travels, but I never realized how different video chat is from just hearing his voice. I took screenshots each night while he was gone, and like how the page feels just like that week did. (Also, it’s really hard for me to resist using numbers from my giant Stendig calendar for each week’s title card… I may have to start doing that more often, because I love how it looks.)

I did a Day in the Life while Dan was gone – just pictures this time, all taken on my phone when I remembered. This insert really reminds me of my days living alone.

The right side, featuring the crazy diorama Dan and I constructed for a work presentation of his, and photos from our most recent trip to Princeton with Eleanor and Liz.

Week 19 was busy for both of us; we were both sick and dealing with big work events.

An insert to document our trip to the Washington Crossing Beer Fest, which was a ton of fun. We tried so many beers, dodged rain showers, and mostly just marveled at how beautiful it was.

Project Life: Week 19, right side
This is one of my favorite pages so far; I have always had issues in not taking enough photos of friends and family, so I insisted that Dan and I each take a photo with our moms on Mother’s Day. And I’m really glad I did that.

Week 20 wasn’t too special; we watched a lot of playoff hockey and basketball, and finally watched The Office series finale.

Project Life week 21: right side
And another of my favorite pages so far; again, super simple but documents a lot of the every day details. I had just gotten my hands on the Honey core kit, and all three of these journaling cards are from that set. I love how there are lots of multiples like this that can look so nice used together.

Project Life Week 22: left side
And the last page of May, the few days before we left on our honeymoon, aka days that were really hard to focus on much of anything. But one of the bigger milestones was Dan’s last day at the job he’s had for the last 5 years (he’s at the same company, but a new department now). It was a really memorable day, and I asked Dan if he would mind writing down how it went so that it was in his words, rather than re-told by me. He was totally game, and I love it.

3 thoughts on “Project Life: May

  1. i’m finally almost caught up and it feels SO GOOD. always love your pages, lady.
    and i like that week 18 looks like it felt. it’s nice when that works out, don’t you think?

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