Project Life: April

It has been a while since I posted here, and I never know how to start again when that happens. It has also been a really long time since I posted any of my Project Life pages, and I am still loving this project so much that it seems like such a shame to leave them hiding away unseen by anyone but me. I thought it would be neater to just start with April’s pages, which are all pretty simple, for the most part.

Project Life: week 14
Week 14 was a week in which I had very, very few photos. I was obsessed at the time with my brand new gold boat shoes, especially when combined with brightly colored pants. I really love how this page turned out.

I really enjoyed the two books I flew through this week, so it was a great way to get to include them, as well as a quote I particularly loved from The Fault in our Stars (which you should REALLY read. I know I’m late to the party on this, and yes, it will make you cry like a fool, but it’s so worth it). We also went on our first house hunting trip this week, which was huge news.

Week 15 showed signs of spring (finally), and I had to include the photos I took of those signs. We also had some crazy and turbulent weather, and Dan and I fell into some pretty serious Candy Crush Saga obsession that is still going strong two months later.

I’m enjoying the Monday starts this year especially because it means that I often get to leave the entire right page just for weekend activities (which is great, as there are often more interesting photos of that stuff). We had a great time on Friday night with my sister and her husband and my brother and his girlfriend. We saw some more houses, and then hung out with one of Dan’s friends in NYC.

Project Life: week 16
Week 16 was SPRING, finally. And the bombings at the Boston Marathon. I never know whether to include much about current events, but this is a good example of one that we couldn’t stop thinking about, watching news, and the fact that it spanned so many days in what felt like some sort of awful action movie come to life, it wouldn’t have been right to exclude it. The 3×4 card is a folded card that tells the story of that house, which I fell in love with, HARD, and which we seriously considered bidding on, until we went back and admitted what buying it would really mean. I was brokenhearted, and really wanted to tell the story (even if it makes me feel awkward thinking about it and that house now).

Our 3 month anniversary! Hanging out with family and one of the happiest babies on the block, and our first in-person baseball game of the season.

This week gave me a great place to save the card that came with the flowers my colleagues sent me for Administrative Professionals Day – flowers which completely took me by surprise and really meant a lot, especially during such a busy time of year.

Lots of photos of food and Dan, which I love. Another book cover, as I became obsessed with The Passage all over again as I re-read it to prepare to read the sequel.

Many of these pages were super simple because I got so behind and was putting these together using my notes, but sometimes I find that the simplest pages are the best. Seeing all of the Project Life kits and blog posts and photos everywhere, and design team inspiration… it can all get really overwhelming. People are doing some amazingly creative, beautiful things with Project Life. Sometimes I feel like I should have more supplies, or subscribe to a kit, or embellish more… but then again, then it wouldn’t be me. And isn’t that the whole idea anyway?

10 thoughts on “Project Life: April

  1. These are my FAVORITE. Every time I look at your creative projects I just want to…create. And not get so hung up on supplies and embellishment because the photos and scraps really do speak beautifully for themselves. Maybe when the baby goes to daycare in a few weeks I’ll finally have the time to give this a solid go. I love them so, so much.

    • Thank you SO much! I always love the craft projects you post and feel like man, why can’t I come up with stuff like that? πŸ™‚ but really, you could do project life as simply or embellishedly as you want, or do just big stuff, or one page per week… You should so do it. I’m amazed at how it’s sort of like blogging or posting photos but I can add the extra bits like tickets and business cards that I’m compelled to save anyway.

  2. I love that you wrote out the story of the house, even if it’s a bummer. I think those are some of the best kinds of things for posterity in a PL album (or any album).

    I really like these simple pages–you really do a great job mixing photos and other things to tell the stories. Love the idea of book cover 3x4s!

    • Thanks! I think I saw book covers in Jodi’s book (or tv show logos) and I try to remember to include them time to time, since that’s what I won’t remember in 5 years. I’m glad I included the bummer house story too πŸ™‚

  3. I really love how it looks!!
    I been thinking to give this a go too, but I can’t seem to get started, I always think it looks like a lot of work?

    • It’s not a lot of work at all! If you keep it simple at first you’ll be amazed at how addictive it is. I plan to post about my process soon, but my best tip is to get a notebook or planner where you can write notes each week or plan your pages out even if you don’t print photos yet so that if you get behind or put together a few weeks at once you have the basic stories and outlines. But it’s so simple and SO worth it!!

      • thanks for the tips. i am planning on getting started soon! just had my birthday party, seems like a good week to start with!!

  4. I just got hungry for lunch when I saw the Five Guys cup….and it’s only 7:19am. Anyway, I love the simple pages too. I try to keep embellishments to a minimum, and mostly it isn’t a problem for me because I just don’t have the natural ability to want to pile stuff on/up, I guess. It’s definitely not one of my strong traits. The pages turn out looking like a 3rd grader did them. So for me, simple = good.

    • Oh good I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels that way! Sometimes I browse big kits and just have no idea how I would use some of the tiny embellishments in my real life. It’s so much faster with photos, labels and stamps…. And that’s really all you need most of the time πŸ™‚

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