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  • My car is almost always full of clutter and at least two empty diet coke bottles. It’s not dirty… but there’s always extra stuff floating around. It only gets worse the longer my commute is.
  • I find it next to impossible to be far away from windows during thunderstorms. I want to look outside, BE outside to hear the thunder, see the lightning, feel the gusts of wind.
  • Triscuits go best with cheddar cheese. Ritz are the preferred crackers for peanut butter. I do not prefer to eat cheese or peanut butter with other varieties of crackers.
  • I always put my left shoe on first.
  • I don’t understand why the internet gets so excited for pumpkin spiced things in the fall. I can’t stand anything pumpkin-flavored (except my mom’s pumpkin bread, and even then, only sometimes).
  • The last 5 shirts I have bought have been polka dots, NOT stripes.
  • I keep buying colored jeans, with the rationale that they are nicer as work pants, that I’m tricking everyone by not wearing blue jeans and therefore looking more work appropriate… and only realized recently that yellow or bright pink pants aren’t really what most people would consider “professional” attire.
  • I haven’t taken my camera out for a real photo walk in months and I feel awful about that.
  • As much as I love slippers and cozy sweaters and giant scarves, I am really not looking forward to the giant chunk of the year I’ve come to think of as the “Elizabeth’s always cold” season.

6 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. That last one–me too! I frequently wear gloves from October to March–my hands get so cold! My colleagues used to laugh and roll their eyes that I wore thin gloves IN the office, but otherwise they felt frozen. Brr!!

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