Our New Place

We’ve now been living in our house for about a week and a half, and have owned it for almost two weeks. It’s a little strange, still, but I’m happy to report that I haven’t accidentally driven to our old apartment after work, either. The much longer commute is wearing on me already, but I’m into my second audiobook, and that helps hugely.

We have so, so much to do. Dan came up with his ten boxes per night unpacking plan, but between him getting sick, stressful work days and random trips to see about Craigslist furniture (our first time, and oh, what an experience it was!) have all combined to mean that we really haven’t done that. But we are just about done in the kitchen, and the living room is functioning… so we’re getting there, just very slowly.

It’s crazy how very quiet and dark it gets at night. I keep having nightmares about forgetting to take the garbage can to the street. We finally swept out the crap the sellers left us in the garage enough to start parking Dan’s car there (because he gets home before me and leaves later, melodramatic sigh). Baby steps. A few boxes at a time.

I took these photos the day after we got the keys, as a way to really document how it looked when we moved in. We have so many ideas, and I can’t wait to start some projects and really get settled.

click each picture to see it bigger.

It’s just so big and so bright and so open. We both feel so lucky to be here.

7 thoughts on “Our New Place

  1. Wow!! That is beautiful! ‘So much space and so much light. I love all those windows, and that’s a fantastic kitchen! It’s exciting to have all that ‘blank canvas’ to set up!
    (also, I love how you put the photos in the post, that is super nifty. Is that a native thing or a special thing you coded in or something?)

    • it’s actually a randomized gallery function through wordpress.com – first time i’ve used it (i normally just host the photos on flickr and post them here) but I really like it!

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