Confessions Two

(Confessions One)

  • I let itunes’ Genius feature make a mix cd for me this weekend. This makes me feel like a complete failure, given how much time and effort I put into making my own mixes from scratch. The worst part? It’s a really, really good mix.
  • Sometimes, I text while I’m driving. Even though I’m fully aware how foolish this is.
  • I’ve had to put a Target ban into place on myself. This is because of days like today, when I went in for sponges and left having spent $30 on Halloween socks, sponges, birthday cards, batteries, a soda, and other socks.
  • I am COMPLETELY not used to this long hair thing.
  • In fact, I seem to have a strange mental impression of myself in ponytails, because while I know lots of people who look adorable with their hair in a ponytail, for some reason, when it’s me, ponytails are only reserved for when I’m home by myself. Or at the gym. Not for going out or going to work. Don’t ask me to explain how ridiculous this is. I can’t.
  • When I have to get rid of a paper jam in a printer or copy machine, it makes me REALLY happy when I fix it.
  • I bought these awesome tall brown boots but have never worn them because I don’t know what to wear them WITH. Or maybe it’s that I wear skirts so very rarely that now I feel weird when I do.
  • Turns out? There ARE other people out there who are susceptible to the magic of baseball. This is a very good thing, indeed.

7 thoughts on “Confessions Two

  1. From all the photos you’ve posted, I know for a fact that you look cute in ponytails!

    I have a pair of awesome tall black boots that I’ve owned for a year and never worn, for the same reasons you give.

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