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  • If I had no qualms about my health, my food groups would be bagels, burritos, pasta and pizza. Or, perhaps more accurately: carbs, burritos, and beer.
  • My hour-long commute really, really wears on me. Especially since I also end up driving long distances on the weekends more often than not.
  • I try to listen to audiobooks but fear I’m too picky about the narrator’s voice.
  • I feel all panicky if I leave my giant water bottle at home, but I rarely drink more than a quarter of its contents.
  • I feel awkward and uncomfortable wearing dresses/skirts on regular days (even at work) and am jealous of people who do so cutely.
  • I have never had a car that wasn’t silver or maroon and both want to keep that streak going but also am really over silver and maroon cars.
  • When I think too much about eating meat, I get really grossed out.
  • I understand the rules of chess, but the strategy completely escapes me. This makes Dan sad, because he’s really good at chess and has tried to teach me so we can play together.
  • I never buy food or flower-scented candles. I like them in other people’s homes, but I can’t deal with them in mine.
  • I have never, ever dyed my hair. Sometimes I feel like I missed my chance to dye it crazy colors, and then I wish I had lived it up in a more stereotypical way. (But it is kind of fun to shock hair stylists by telling them about my virgin hair.)

4 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. My dad used to say I didn’t have the killer instinct at chess, that I just danced around my opponent. Which is probably true 😉 So I don’t play anymore. And you’re totally cute in skirts! You can pull it off any time!

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