Asbury Park: A Study (Or, I’m Unoriginal)

I seem to have a problem, namely that when I end up at the boardwalk in Asbury Park to take photos, I keep taking the same picture. I suppose I could be smart and say that I’m doing an unofficial study in angles and formats, but in reality? I just can’t seem to stop taking photos of the front of the old casino.

(casi) NO
(perhaps my favorite shot, from the south side before the rebuilding started, digital, May 2010)

pre-renovation, May
(a tie for favorite, from the north side before renovation started, 35mm, May 2010)

oh no! they're refurbishing the casino!!
(after rebuilding began, digital, August 2010)

but rebuilding is supposed to be good, I guess.
(after they started rebuilding, digital, August 2010)

the casino, polaroid-style
(getting over Polaroid intimidation using a favorite subject, polaroid, August 2010)

September 16, 2010
(shot for a month of shoes, digital, September 2010)

(can’t stop, digital, November 2010)

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