It finally feels like fall, and I’ve been SO enjoying the colors. It’s hard to spot a pretty tree and not default to Project 365 mindset and think how I can find time to pull over or take a few minutes to get a good shot of the leaves. I don’t have nearly enough photos of the foliage, that’s for sure.

I’ve been having all kinds of really strange subtle anxiety dreams in the very early mornings. Like I’m at my wedding and no one knows who is going to do their makeup, or I’m at a high school football game on the beach and my cousin doesn’t want to introduce me to any of her friends because I’m rooting for the wrong team, or I’m at work and all the bathrooms are flooding, or there’s no copy paper, or I show up at my wedding in jeans. They’re all SO strange, and yet the anxious feeling lingers.

Loving bright yellow coffee cups and hot pink notebooks and bright orange daily calendars.

I am OBSESSED with my new striped circle scarf. Really, really obsessed. I wear it like a scarf, or a blanket, and plan outfits around it. I especially love it with my black and white polka dot sweater.

Last night, we went to an Oktoberfest Beer Dinner at a restaurant one of my brother’s roommates manages, and it was amazing, as expected. Each course was paired with a craft beer, and each course was more amazing than the last: a selection of wursts, braised short ribs with cabbage, and then a mind blowing apple kugan with vanilla gelato and brown butter that had us all unable to speak, it was so, so good.

This weekend, we’re going to the Rutgers Homecoming Game (they’re 7-0 and ranked #15 in the BCS!) with my college friends (who tailgate hardcore with a tricked out Bronco with a grill attached to the back) AND my cousins and brother (who tailgate swanky in a stretch limo) and I’m so excited. I’m also eyeballing Sunday for some serious Project Life time, because I’m more than a month behind and that’s driving me crazy. And I’m trying not to worry about this frankenstorm headed our way early next week.

And since I’m back in an obsessed with music phase (and dudes, it feels SO good, because I haven’t consumed this much music in YEARS and whenever I’m not listening, I’m craving more music), I wanted to start sharing a song of the week, which may not be a new song, but it’s the one whose lyrics are following me around and I just want to listen to on a loop. This week it’s “Simple Song” by the Shins and the video is really creepy but the song is just super, super good.

2 thoughts on “Currents

  1. I totally hear you on the rejuvenated music obsession thing. Pookie and I did the same thing, where we went years in a sort of music dormancy, and then all of a sudden, “ZOMG! NEW MUSIC!” It’s a fun place to be.

    And seriously, this Frankenstorm crap is NOT FUN. I think I need to be put into a medically-induced coma until it hits, because the freak-out anticipation is almost as bad as the storm itself.

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