Project Life: August

I may be really behind in blogging Project Life, but I am not nearly as behind in actually putting the pages together. (And a few days of Hurricane Sandy-imposed hunkering down should help me catch up completely!) I’m still really happy with this project, and I’m finding that as long as I take notes in my designated Project Life notebook each week with what happened/highlights as it were, I can put the pages together after the fact relatively easily. I’ve been trying to plan the pages out as the weeks happen, too, and that also goes a long way.

Week 12 was a pretty low key week; Dan and I went to a Somerset Patriots game with his parents as a late birthday present (and this is vital, because it was at a Patriots game in 2008 that I like to think the Dan+ET spark was lit; we make sure to go to a game together every summer since, and have stuck with it for four years now). I also started to feel the pull between my old job and the one I was about to start.

Project Life: Week 12
I used flair from Oromolu to note a good Monday that featured sushi lunch with my brother, and printed a photo from the Patriots game 6×8 to fit into a few pockets.

Project Life: Week 12
We ordered our wedding invitations, which was huge, not only because the design was being discontinued; it took some wrangling to even be able to view all of the matching pieces. Luckily, we were able to get the order in. It makes it seem so much more real. I made a 4×6 card in Photoshop with a screengrab of our order confirmation, as well as a 3×4 card so I could write a bit about our Arrested Development obsession. I printed a card with the route from our place to Dan’s brother’s new place, as we went there on Saturday for their housewarming, which was super fun. (I do love using that Elise Joy stamp on maps!)

Week 13 featured a trip to my new job for training, our first movie trip in a long time, and the big one: the annual Day at the Races run by my cousins’ company. It was my first year being there as an employee, and it was such a great day.
Project Life: Week 13
(I totally saved the scratch off portion of my guest parking pass – how perfectly Project Life is that?)

Project Life: Week 13 insert
I used a Design J insert to document the Day at the Races; I took a million photos that day, and it was really tough to decide which ones to include. I was saving bits of paper all day for Project Life: our entry tickets, pages from the program, betting receipts… and it was totally worth it.

Project Life: Week 13 insert
The back of the insert.

Project Life: Week 13
Our wedding invitations arrived, which took it to another entire level of surreal. Journaled a bit about finally telling everyone at work that I’m leaving, some instagram shots from a bbq at my sister’s house on Saturday night, and a few tweets. I love how easy it is to make it all look more cohesive, just by carrying the same Martha Stewart Avery labels and washi tape accents throughout.

Week 14 was full of big events: a bbq at Dan’s sister’s house, two fantasy football drafts, and oh yeah: my last week at my job. Super eventful.
Project Life: Week 14
We finally started watching Walking Dead, and it totally took over our lives in a way that had to be acknowledged. My heart melts into a puddle seeing Dan interact with his nephew, who was about ten months old here.

Project Life: Week 14 insert
I had this plan for a while, and seeing how it all came together is fantastic. I used a Design J insert to document a Week in the Life at my job, the last week I was there. I kept notes each day about how the day went, how I felt, and took phone photos of things I was doing each day that were very noteworthy. (I did many things on a strict schedule at that job: certain reports every Monday, Wednesday, etc etc, so screengrabs of those reports are really cool to look back on.)

Project Life: Week 14 insert
The back of the insert, with a photo of the company logo on the door and some of my never-ending adding machine tape. So glad I took the time to do this; this is the kind of thing that will be even cooler to look back on in five years. I’m planning to document a Week in the Life at my new job once I get settled, too, since they are so different.

Project Life: Week 14
Paper Source bags make really great journaling backgrounds; just sayin’. I used some thickrs for my last day scalloped card (which was from Elise‘s summer kit), a Kelly Purkey stamp on my Last Day at My Job Happy Hour Vodka Tonic, and cut up an amazingly stripey Lands End Canvas catalog cover for the bottom pocket.

Oh Project Life, you are really damn cool.

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  1. yay!! i am also SO behind on blogging, but not too far behind on my actual book, thank goodness. i am in LOVE with that scratch off parking pass. perfect for PL!!

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