Wedding Wednesday: 88 Days To Go!

Last week, we hit what was, to me, a big wedding planning milestone: 100 days to go. I’ve done my fair share of daily photo projects, so I know that 100 days can either fly by or drag infinitely. Somehow, I have a feeling that these particular 100 days? Will be gone in the blink of an eye. Between now and our wedding day, we have a trip to Barbados for Dan’s sister’s wedding, Thanksgiving, my bridal shower, Christmas, our bachelor/bachelorette parties, and New Years, not to mention countless birthdays and other things that need to be celebrated. So yeah, it’s gonna fly by.

Milestones turn me introspective (what can I say? I’m sentimental AND I like numbers and neat, orderly things and traditions; it doesn’t take much to make me introspective) and it started to bother me that I haven’t really documented the wedding planning process much. Some of it is in my Project Life pages, to be sure, but it’s not the same as taking a minute to explain why dress shopping stressed me out so much. Or how I don’t understand why I feel so ambivalent about certain details and VERY intent on how other details should be. So I thought I’d start a weekly series (I’m very original, of course, because no one has ever thought to write Wedding Wednesdays in the history of blogging!) and share some of the details. I can’t promise that I’ll give everything away; some of you out there will be AT my wedding and it’s no fun if you know everything ahead of time.

We have been engaged and actively planning our wedding for about ten months now, and I’m still surprised at myself at how I’ve handled it. Let’s be honest: I tend toward OCD levels of nitpicky sometimes. I can be a perfectionist. I love to make things and have strong opinions about what I like (or better: what I really, really don’t like at all). I’ve wanted to do things a little differently than others my whole life, but I don’t want anyone to be mad at me, either. I am not someone who will ever be called girly. I hate dancing. I always figured wedding planning would stress me the HELL OUT because of all of the details that need to be perfect, or all of the crafty things I could overwhelm myself with, or with wanting to be So Unique and I’ve seen that before so we have to think of something else.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been to a bunch of weddings, or I knew what I wanted more than I thought, or it was easy to eliminate so much because it didn’t feel like “me and Dan”, or because I helped my sister plan her wedding this year, too… but for whatever reason, I have NOT been sweating the details. (That is not to say I haven’t had my fair share of cry-fests during the last ten months about wedding details!) It seems that for most of these wedding decisions, I think about it a bit, have seen some things on wedding blogs or Pinterest, and then I know what I want to do and it’s over. Meg Keene’s A Practical Wedding book was really helpful in suggesting that we come up how we wanted the wedding to feel/look/the basic vibe right at the start, as it would help guide the whole planning process. We knew really early on that we wanted to go for simple, classic, no fuss, but with modern or slightly off-beat touches like black and white stripes and bold yellow. And with that feel in mind, it has been really easy to say “no, roses are more classic and simple, so let’s do that instead of that super pretty mixed bouquet” or “here’s a simple striped wedding invitation that has matching save the dates and thank you cards in colors we love” and just … stop browsing.

I think my “oh crap! 88 days left!” stress mostly comes from the fact that many of the things that are left, like designing and printing place cards and programs, or small details like what will the cards go in at the reception, are things I haven’t thought about yet. Sure, it’ll be 100% doable to print place cards and programs at home. But what about the FONTS! (Dan really, REALLY doesn’t care about fonts.)

So. 88 days. Just under three months. Holy crap.

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