Project Life: Week Nine

Week Nine! I still love it!

Project Life: Week Nine

Project Life: Week Nine
I am so glad I insisted on taking photos of me and Dan at the sushi place (our favorite) – I felt silly but I love having them. I need to work harder to get photos of us in here, and of us together. But when we go to this particular sushi restaurant, we each always get the same thing. Every single time. (Sushi dinner deluxe for Dan, and spicy California and sweet potato tempura rolls for me.)

Project Life: Week Nine
We finally sent out our save the dates this week, and naturally, I mailed one to our apartment so I could include it (and the washi taped envelope) in Project Life. Don’t tell me it’s crazy.

Project Life: Week Nine
The back of the insert (which I used a cut-down Design D page for)

Project Life: Week Nine
Lots of orange this week.

Project Life: Week Nine
Instagram photos cropped square, Martha Stewart labels, and a crazy thunderstorm photo.

Project Life: Week Nine
One of the core kit journaling cards Jodi sent me this week; I’m trying not to buy a core kit because of all of the awesome paper I already own… but it’s so nice when the card already fits into the page so nicely.

Project Life: Week Nine
A beer sampler photo and the coaster – I may have to be creative next week to make sure the coaster doesn’t look dumb once I fill in the back of this section. And Amy and Emily!

2 thoughts on “Project Life: Week Nine

  1. OF COURSE you should mail one to yourself and put it in PL. don’t be silly! also, you should send an invitation to the White House. you’ll get a nice note in the mail from the president.

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