Project Life: Weeks 10 and 11

Weeks 10 and 11 (the last week of July and the first week of August) weren’t uneventful, per se, (actually, week 10 was really hugely eventful) but I didn’t take very many real photos either week, so these pages aren’t perhaps the most interesting I’ve ever put together. But as wiser people have said before, Project Life is more about the sum of the parts rather than every spread being the best thing ever, so I’m not unhappy about it, either.

Week 10 seemed like it would be a return to normal life, but it ended up involving some big life decisions that I’m really happy about. Apologies for all the blurred journaling – there are some things I don’t really need the whole internet to know.

Project Life: Week 10

I’m most excited about the half circle – which is the Triumph coaster from last week. I printed a pretty sky photo on cardstock and cut it to the shape of the coaster, and glued it to the back, journaling right on top. (That’s a quote from a Weakerthans song that has always resonated and seems apt this week.)

Project Life: Week 10
I finally got to use the Thickers I bought at Michael’s a few weeks ago – so fun. And lots of washi tape this week, now that I’m free to use what I bought for our wedding stationery.

Project Life: Week 10
The right side – again tons of journaling this week. I’m loving the chevron stamp I got at Paper Source a few weeks ago (and that’s actually extra paper from my sister’s wedding invitation pocket fold – that color is the best and I couldn’t let it go to waste).

Project Life: Week 10
Photos from our celebratory dinner; a quote I printed from Pinterest this week, and a glimpse at our wedding day countdown paper chain.

Project Life: Week 11
Week 11 wasn’t boring, I just didn’t take many photos, camera or phone. Dan’s nephew was so serious when he woke up from his nap while we were there on Saturday – and seeing Dan interact with him is one of the sweetest things ever.

Project Life: Week 11
Ice cream – the first cone I’ve had all summer (how is that possible?). I used one of the stamps I bought from Kelly Purkey’s stamp shop, and I love how it looks on the photo.

Project Life: Week 11
Journaled on a library card and stuck it in an envelope (that wasn’t quite the right size, so I cut it down). Included some photos from a normal weeknight dinner at my parents’ house (that’s flair from Ormolu). The transparency was included in the summer paper pack from Elise’s shop, and I keep forgetting to plan ahead to be able to make the most of it over a two week period.

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