Project Life: Week Five

Another very big week – this week had all sorts of random things, including a minor league baseball game, a new windshield, a movie, and most importantly, my sister’s bachelorette party. I had too much to include, so I cut down a standard page for an insert, and then was able to devote a whole page to photos from my sister’s bachelorette party.

Project Life: Week Five

The left side; again I am happy with the cohesion of the colors (even though it’s kind of unintentional as I’m randomly pulling papers from my pile).

Project Life: Week Five

Getting my windshield replaced totally stressed me out. I’m glad it’s done but I’m also nerdy-happy that I managed to get a photo of my car sans windshield, too.

Project Life: Week Five

That thunderstorm commute made an impact, and the photo I took while I was pulled over conveyed the freakiness fairly well. The Today stamp is from Elise‘s stamp shop, and the Monday journaling card is from Ormolu.

Project Life: Week Five

The front side of the insert: a photo of Dan I totally love, my baseball game ticket (and an extra beer coupon), and beer, of course.

Project Life: Week Five

Project Life: Week Five

The back of the insert: love the orange/yellow! I printed a photo from the dressing room, cut out a bit of the paper bag from American Eagle, and printed the movie poster for Ted, which I saw on Friday which a bunch of my friends.

Project Life: Week Five

When my office barbecues, we mean business, that’s for sure.

Project Life: Week Five

A full page dedicated to my sister’s bachelorette: overly pink, of course. Our limo driver took the photo of all the girls on the party bus, and I took the photo of the bachelorette banner we taped to my sister’s back deck the next morning.

Project Life: Week Five

An Of Monsters and Men song that’s been stuck in my head lyric, and a more detailed description of the night inside the chevron pocket. I also printed the image from the evite we sent out, and I’m glad I thought to stick the bridal party bracelet I wore. This is the part of Project Life that appeals to me so much: I loved the design of the invite, and I’d want to keep the bracelet but why would you keep something like that? To put it in a Project Life pocket, that’s why.

Project Life: Week Five

And I’m sure in ten years I’ll find the blurry photo of me drinking out of a tequila bottle in a moving vehicle hilarious (hell, I find it hilarious even a week later, just because it’s so out of character). So, you know.


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