Project Life: Week Four

I got a bit behind with the craziness of the last few weeks, but the day off for the Fourth of July helped me catch up. Week Four was a week with a lot of really fun stuff, most importantly: Renegade Craft Fair. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy putting this together each week. (It’s a lot.)

Project Life: Week Four

I love the unintentionally very orange theme this week.

Project Life: Week Four

Ordering my wedding dress is super noteworthy, obviously, especially after all the stress/not-fun times in trying to find it. But it absolutely needed to be documented. (And even more fun: I ordered it almost exactly seven months before my wedding day.)

Project Life: Week Four

The heat wave this week was big news, and I’m glad I thought to print screen the NJ high temperature map and the radar from the worst of it.

Project Life: Week Four

The right side, including the insert that was absolutely necessary. Way too many photos to NOT do an insert.

Project Life: Week Four

The opposite side of the insert featuring some of the booths I liked best.

Project Life: Week Four

Lots of journaling about our day at Renegade, and the middle pockets are some of the business cards I collected. Included more for pretty factor; even now I’m not sure I could tell you what each one sold.

Project Life: Week Four

Project Life: Week Four

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