365 x 4

Oh, Project 365. I can’t seem to ever let you go, no matter how insane you have been making me, on and off for the past six years. (Seriously?) This fourth round was by far the toughest, and despite the struggles, I managed to stick with it, and my last, 365th day, was this past week, the day before my sister’s wedding. (Hence the delay in actually posting anything.)

I went to a party store and bought a giant bunch of balloons. It was very tempting to buy the 3 foot tall silver mylar 3 6 and 5 but I couldn’t figure out why on earth I needed those, so I just went with regular balloons. Squeezing between dinner and bridesmaid manicures, I stopped at my parents’ house, balloons in tow, to get a photo. Except I’d forgotten my tripod AND my remote, so I ended up needing my dad’s help with the final shot. The brightly colored balloons were supposed to go with that whole eight weeks of color thing I started and didn’t really stick with… and it was so fun to be in the backyard trying to get cute, artistic shots with balloons, even though I had to head back out so soon.

365.365 :: the party's over

But I got my shot, and a few extras for fun that I’ll post tomorrow. And mostly, I can’t believe that I did this again. I’m proud, even though this year contained a whole lot more cell phone photos than I’d like to admit, as well as a few missed days entirely. I don’t think I’ll be doing this again anytime soon, but hopefully Project Life will keep me shooting, so I won’t think I need to start another year sometime soon.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from my 30th year.

27.365 :: early morning beach

51.365 :: carlos o'connor's

52.365 :: Mets vs Cubs

107.365 :: evening glow

159.365 :: lights and bricks

165.365 :: twenty twelve

193.365 :: actually, I said, "hell yes."

276.365 :: silhouette

289.365 :: date night

290.365 :: a day in the city

299.365 :: new stripes!

313.365 :: details

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