Project Life: Week Three

Week Three and I’m loving it. I especially love how much stripey goodness I was able to incorporate this week, between the photos and the papers (many of which are the backs of cards/paper used last week). It’s colorful and just so fun to put together.

Project Life week 3

I sure do love those Martha Stewart+Avery labels.

Project Life week 3

This conversation between me and Dan as I flipped through my giant stack of wedding magazines had to be recorded for posterity. I surely won’t be letting him forget it, and as far as he knows, the dress I want most is the size of our coffee table in diameter, so…

Project Life week 3

The left striped card is an index card I’ve had forever, and the orange stripes were part of the Summer Kit I got from Elise’s shop. The envelope contains the story of my second wedding dress shopping trip, which was amazing and so much more happy… and it’s strange that I can’t really share if I want to keep my future dress a secret from Dan.

Project Life week 3

The right side is Friday and Saturday, which were both very busy, first with makeup trials for my sister’s upcoming wedding, then with ceremony-venue hunting with Dan and my parents. Both things needed to be documented.

Project Life week 3

I printed a song lyric that I’ve got stuck in my head instead of my usual reading/watching/listening card, and I foresee doing this again quite a lot as the weeks go by. The chevron envelope contains some before stats, since this week marks the beginning of what I hope is some serious weight loss.

Project Life week 3

I’m most excited about this card, I have to admit. I saved bottle caps from every type I drank on Saturday night, and hot glued cardboard to the back so I could mount them on an old Paper Source bag (more stripes). Bottle caps are hard to resist, but it’s hard to figure out what to do with them that doesn’t involve a ton of work. I’m so jazzed about how this turned out.

Project Life week 3

And a photo from late Saturday night, probably the only one we’ve taken when hanging out with Dan’s siblings, so I’m even more glad both to have it and to have a place to keep it.

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