Project Life: Week Two

Week two of Project Life and it’s just so fun. And I didn’t realize how much I was missing crafty endeavors until I started something like this again. (I guess for me, crafts go a long way toward stress relief.) This week was pretty ho-hum Monday through Friday, which made it harder to come up with things to document, so I tried to focus on the bigger things (wedding dress shopping, all the beer I consumed…) and then leave lots of space for the weekend stuff. I’m pretty happy with the colors and how I was able to integrate some of this pretty paper I’ve been hoarding with the almost entirely cell phone photos.

Project Life: Week 2
This page covers Sunday through Wednesday, and I like how I got a bunch of sky shots to show how insane the weather was this week. The little teardrop stickers are from the Martha Stewart Avery line, and the THIS stamp is from Elise’s stamp shop, of course.

Project Life: Week 2

Project Life: Week 2
Wedding dress shopping was a pretty big step, so it seemed important to document it. The full story (of how much it really wasn’t so fun and prompted a whole lot of insecurities) is in the envelope… I made a collage of photos of dresses from the towering stack of bridal magazines in my living room.

Project Life: Week 2
The right side covers Thursday through the weekend, and I love the bright colors and stripes here. The usual suspects are here again, with what I’m reading/listening to/watching, as well as a brief list of what went on during the week.

Project Life: Week 2
Because it was such an insanely busy week at work, I included some of my everyday views: the giant and impressive company logo sign outside of our office building, and a view of my desk on a normal (busy) day, as well as some stats from the accounting department that I’m sure will be fun to see in a year or two. The chevron pocket has some more private journaling, and I love how cute it looks in the page protector.

4 thoughts on “Project Life: Week Two

  1. LOVE! it looks so great! now, aren’t you happy that you decided to just start? it’s so much fun. and once you get a couple of months in, it is SO FUN to look through the whole album.

    also–i read that wedding dress note as “found one”, not “round one” at first. darn!

    • Um YES. I’m SO happy; I think seeing yours in person really helped. And I totally can’t wait to come back and look at this; I love doing that with the minibooks too. (And I can’t tell you how much I wish that said “found one” instead of round one lol!)

  2. how do you make everything look so perfect!!! Your organisation is so impressive and beautifully laid that a scrap booking tool to corner the photos and trinkets?

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