Green, as requested

You probably thought I forgot about how way back in March, I put up a poll about what color Converse I should buy next. And I promised to buy the color that won the poll.

green, number seven

A strange shade of green called “cilantro green” ended up winning the poll, and I was actually surprised, because green isn’t ever a color that I gravitate toward. And I was all set to buy them, except … they were sold out in my size. And so were the second and third place colors, pink and turquoise. I wasn’t sure what to do, and I tried to find cilantro green in other stores, but it was only available at Delia’s. I figured it would eventually come back in stock, and have been checking probably once a week since, well, March. It just never happened.

I'm not sure I can be stopped at this point.

Since I obviously overthink this addiction, I contemplated re-polling to see if I should just buy green chucks, or wait and see if cilantro green came back in stock. And asked Dan waaaay too often if I should just buy green, and he’d say “Sure” and then I’d say “yeah but the internet voted for CILANTRO green.”


I was headed to the Converse outlet on Saturday afternoon to replace my black chucks, which have long passed the stinky phase and really needed to be replaced. And just bought the green ones before I could overthink it for any more months. So now I have seven different colors, and while that probably makes me a bit crazy, I am pretty damn happy about it.

74.365 :: green

One thought on “Green, as requested

  1. These are my favorite Chucks that I own! I’m a sucker for any green that’s not pastel, especially this kelly green, and I wear these suckers about two or three days a week. Good choice, Internet. 🙂

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