Sunrise at the Beach

I don’t know when I last watched a sunrise, let alone one at the beach. I’m fairly certain I haven’t ever done that. So way back when I started working on Scavenger Hunt 101, I felt like I should do something special for #73, a sunrise. You don’t live 15 minutes from the beach on the east coast and not watch at least one sunrise. So on Tuesday, I woke up super early (and I may or may not have waited until the last week before daylight savings time ended so I didn’t have to wake up THAT super early) and drove to the boardwalk in Asbury Park (even though the universe is probably SO over my photos from that spot, I just can’t help it) in time to watch the sun rise.







It was pretty amazing. Even if the bagel place on the boardwalk is closed, but only on Tuesdays. If you ever get a chance to watch the sun rise, you should do it. Really.

5 thoughts on “Sunrise at the Beach

  1. me too, actually. It’s certainly pushing me toward doing another project like this when it’s over… although I’m actually right now trying to think of some sort of 52 weeks project for 2011, maybe something like “make something every week” where making something could include cooking/baking, a craft, a really good photo… but I don’t know. I don’t wanna be crazy about it.

  2. I love, love, love, love, love this series! It’s so gorgeous (that was nice of the sky to have those perfect sunrise clouds there for you), and it looks so serene and chilly and solitary on the beach. Perfection (or as close as one can get when the bagel place is still closed)! Oh, and I’m going to respond here to something you’d said on Flickr about the beach being a tired subject for you — I am always delighted by your beach pictures! I think you always have your A game when you’re at the beach! 🙂

    And a “52 Made Things in 2011” project? That sounds SUPER cool!

  3. aww well thanks! I don’t think I could stop going there to take photos regardless, so that’s good to know :). And it sure was calm and peaceful. I think I’d like to go back sometime and just sit (but get something warm to eat/drink beforehand!) because it was awfully nice.

    And the more I think about that 52 weeks project the more I’m totally excited… and thinking that’d be totally, completely crazy.

  4. Hey, the more I think about a 52 weeks of homemade project, the more I think I want to do it. I’m totally going to steal your idea and take all the credit for myself. 😛 (Of course, I’m so slow at the things I make, so it would be more like a “52 weeks of nearly imperceptible progress on one project” project.)

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