Completed: Summer 2010 Minibook

Summer may be long over, but I finally finished putting my summer 2010 minibook together! After having so much fun with the kit I bought last year, I decided to buy another of Elise Blaha’s summer mini book kits. I worked on it a bit during the summer while I had the supplies out for my 28 to do list book, especially because some of the events appear in both books. I was really inspired after taking Elise’s Big Mini online workshop in September, and found myself incorporating some of her most helpful ideas as I was putting this book together.

I tried to limit my supplies to help focus, including Paper Source paper, transparencies, my brand new washi tape, and of course the date stamp. The book is really photo-heavy, and that’s one of the reasons summer (or seasonal) books are fun to put together – this became a diary of the noteworthy events from this summer, so the straightforward nature made putting it together feel quicker. Some of the pages are very simple, but I like that. And I’m hooked on using the transparencies to include ticket stubs in the book. (Jodi and Cynthia, I’ll totally share mine with you!)

So here are some of my favorite pages. As for my next project? I think I might try a December daily book for the holidays this year, because I have a kit that I bought last year and didn’t use. We’ll see. Daily pages are a whole different can of worms, an entirely different minibook style… but it might be a lot of fun.













7 thoughts on “Completed: Summer 2010 Minibook

  1. Thanks, Jodi! And Mags, you could do a little book like this for anything.. they’d be awesome for a vacation, but I think using it to print like a week’s worth of daily photos and adding journaling would be pretty cool to look back on, too.

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