Completed: 28 Things Minibook

At last! The minibook documenting the 28 Things To Do While I’m 28 list is finally done. Last year, I felt a very, very strong need to finish the book and post the completed photos on my actual birthday. This year, I was still completing list items in the last days of being 28 so that just didn’t happen. Maybe it took me two years of doing these lists and books, but I finally found my sweet set-up, namely a card table in the living room that can stay as messy as I want for as long as I want, meaning that the creation process is much more fluid. Either way, creating these books is at least half of why writing these lists are so much fun… some of it is arbitrary, but after living with these 28 things in the back of my mind for a year, it’s cool to give them the documentation they deserve.

Here are some of my favorite pages. And trust me, these little scrapbooks are totally the way to go. And not just because I love the excuse to buy lots of paper, permanent markers, and labels. (I still need to get some of that Japanese masking tape though!)

August 24, 2010

28 minibook: finished!

the list, and #1: take pictures in a photobooth

#2: visit local breweries and #3: complete the couch to 5k program for real this time

#4: learn how to knit

#15: go to as many baseball games as possible

#16: make my new apartment feel like home without spending too much money

#23: love the people who matter to me and #24: go on interesting photo-taking excursions

#24: go on interesting photo-taking excursions

#27: lie in the grass, look at the sky, and feel the wind and #28: no really, age is just a number. grow up. stay young. be silly. talk a lot. take pictures. hug more. be happy.

28 minibook: finished!

8 thoughts on “Completed: 28 Things Minibook

  1. OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!! How did you construct it? Is that rude for me to ask? I mean, getting everything to that size must have been a huge undertaking, but it looks SO FREAKING AWESOME.

    • That’s not rude at all! The book is 4×6 so I used photos as the base for most of the pages, and cut scrapbook paper down for the others. I used a lot of labels and stickers, and some knock-off Japanese making tape for some of the journaling too. The covers are a little file folder and a stiffer piece of cardstock, and at the end I punched holes and used big binder rings to keep it together. It’s so fun and would work awesome for like a trip scrapbook too!

      • Great idea. I think I’ll make a basic one for my son for a present. I never know what to get him and i’m sure he’ll like it and make it his own in a different way to what I imagine. Lovely idea.

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