GOventure day two: Invisible

The inspiration for day two of GOventure week is invisible, and I had a lot of ideas, most of them for photos. And then I was at work today, and the perfect thing hit me. See, being a librarian is pretty awesome, most of the time. My job is helping people find what they’re looking for, helping them figure out HOW to do what they need to do, and I love the scavenger hunt aspect of it. Most of the time.

Except some days I almost wish I WAS invisible. That I could hide (really hide) in the stacks of books and just quietly make sure they’re in order. And read a few inside flaps while I’m there. And that people couldn’t, you know, see me in order to find me and ask me questions. The best I could manage was hiding in the bathroom for a few extra moments. It helped. It doesn’t happen all the time, true. But the stereotype of a quiet librarian stamping, shelving, and shhh-ing isn’t really very accurate AT ALL.


4 thoughts on “GOventure day two: Invisible

  1. you are rocking the GOventure. i’m still working on my day one project. i had some ideas for invisible, but just no extra time last night to work on them.

  2. thanks, jodi! of course, I’ve sorta hit the wall when it comes to today’s prompt (coincidence). Is it weird that I’m sorta hoping a coincidence will somehow happen today and I can just use that?

    these weekday challenges are really tough. between my standard weeknight stuff (laundry, dinner with siblings) and working one night a week, it’s tough to find the time. for anything other than a photo. and even then… haha

  3. maybe we’ll have to start our own crafty collab . . . but more like one prompt/challenge perweek for a few weeks or something. =)

    and maybe a super awesome flickr coincidence will pop up on your contact scree today!

  4. oooh I like the idea of a one-idea-per-week crafty collaboration! We should so do that.

    and now I’m totally going to stalk my own flickr contacts screen today to watch for something!

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