GOventure day three: Coincidence

GOventure day three was a little harder. I confess I spent most of the day walking around waiting for a coincidence to hit me square in the face. That didn’t exactly happen. So when I got home from work, I was thinking about coincidences. Does it count as a coincidence if I can’t think of any when I’m trying to? Not really. Murphy’s Law, more like it.

So I got out my paper and my stamps and set to cutting and gluing my most boring, geometric, office supply type papers on a piece of 4×6 cardstock, pondering as I went. I’m not sure how I feel about coincidences in the end, because it’d be so easy to go back and think of some random thing, some tiny bit of chance, and start plotting out how much it changed the course of your life. And I do believe it happens, more than we realize. It’s a crazy thought, thinking about how much of our lives is based in random chance encounters or discoveries.

coincidence part one

But I think in the end I personally am a little more fond of the idea that we make our own chances. Our actions, decisions, and choices, how we REACT to these coincidences that are all around us, THAT is what it’s all about.

coincidence part two

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