GOventure day one: Wander

I’ve been inspired by crafty blogs like Elise‘s for a while, in my quest to add more craftiness to my life this past year. So when she and Kal invited anyone interested to join them in a week of GOventures, I thought it was a pretty cool idea. The plan was that Elise and Kal would come up with prompts every day for a week, and we’d use the prompts to do something (anything) creative. I was a little intimidated by the prospect, because I tend to craft in spurts (other than the whole photography thing), so weekday craft plans don’t always pan out. But Jodi and I emailed about it, and our conclusion was that at the very least, it’ll be fun. Even if we can’t keep up, getting your brain thinking in a creative kind of way is the whole POINT.

Anyway, day one’s prompt is wander, and I couldn’t help but go right to one of my constant battles: a wandering mind. Sometimes it can be pretty awesome, but sometimes the endless internal analysis and debate just makes my head spin. It’s something I wish I could reign in a little, but am hesitant (not to mention UNABLE) to really curb entirely. My brain is always, always wandering. And it sure can be an adventure. (Don’t even get me started about how I’ve been bitten by the “I want short hair” bug again!)


2 thoughts on “GOventure day one: Wander

  1. yay! i posted on your flickr photo that i started a travel mini book, but didn’t finish it yet. so, maybe “wander” will just have to be my word for the week!

    also — i haven’t been on twitter much lately. but seeing this on your side bar made my day.

    “omg, 64 colors flickr group, just because the color of the week is sepia doesn’t mean you should tint your shot sepia with the camera.”


  2. oooh I like the idea of using wander as a starting point for a whole mini book about travel. I think I need to start making one to match my birthday to do list, because I haven’t worked on a mini book since I finished that one for the summer. Or, oh wait, the one I made out of cereal box pieces.

    hahaha that was driving me SO CRAZY about the 64 colors group last week. I liked how you posted “best match” photos as a way of saying “hey you guys, you’re um, totally off the mark” in a WAY nicer way than I would have. 😀

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