#11: Get New Glasses

I have had my current glasses since February 2007, almost exactly four years now. And at this point, I wear them almost every day, just because I have never been able to see as well with contacts as I do with glasses. I added this to my 30 Before 30 list mostly because I’ve had these glasses for a while now, and I’m a little bored with them.


That being said, I still really love them, and I get compliments all the time. (Even the eye doctor told me not to get new frames.)

So I came up with a master plan: to update my prescription in my current glasses, but also buy a new pair of fun, crazier glasses. I have wanted a “fun” pair of glasses ever since my grandmother’s giant red 80s Sally Jesse Raphael ones, but they aren’t really the most practical for every day. So the perfect solution? To have normal, respectable black frames, AND a pair of crazy shaped or colored ones. (Ideally, like whoorl’s pink ones, because seriously.)

So this past Friday, my mom and I went to the optician, where I swear I tried on every damn pair they had in stock. I was really disappointed, though, because the colored frames they had? Were dark or subtle enough to look brown or black or, you know, subtle, from far away. And that really wasn’t what I was imagining. The optician seemed to get what I was going for, and started to have a lot of fun trying to find the funnest pairs he had…. and struck gold by taking a pair of sunglasses, removing the tinted lenses, and letting me try them on.




They’re half light tortoise and half pink, and they’re kind of perfect. (Although I have to admit, they’re a little more subtle, and less wacky, than I remember.) And they’re different enough from my black frames that I can justify having two pairs. The optician actually had these in a darker brown with purple, but the darkness was too close to my black ones, and he offered to order the fuschia and lime green ones for me to test out… but even I have limits.


Now if only I could get used to my new prescription (which has gotten worse in the four years since I’ve gotten it updated)…

6 thoughts on “#11: Get New Glasses

  1. These are such cute glasses! I love them! And I love the windswept portrait at the end of the post — well done! (I’d like to see the fuchsia/lime green frames, though… :D)

  2. I LOVE THEM!!! And there is no shame in having multiple pairs of glasses. Back when I had really good vision insurance I had about four pairs that I would wear regularly.

    Now I’m just down to one (two if I could find someone to adjust the frames a bit for me) and am thinking about getting another pair soon. This post kind of makes me want to just go ahead and schedule an appointment!

  3. STOP being so cute. Haha, no don’t stop but gah your lashes are so lovely. And those glasses are mega awesome! Your earrings look so pretty too. I love diamond studs and how simply wonderful they are.

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