16 – 17 / 52


Ben has been such a good eater these days, as we introduce more “people food” among the purees. His favorites by FAR are blueberries and cheese, although black beans and peas (frozen, not canned, don’t think he doesn’t know the difference) are pretty close seconds.


Ben’s favorite past time is chasing balls around the house. He’s surprisingly speedy at crawling (he has taken a few steps!!! but still prefers to crawl for speed most times) and will bat the ball away and crawl after it for seriously extended periods of time.

In 2015, I’m taking a photo of Ben each week with my real camera.

One thought on “16 – 17 / 52

  1. Ours also love frozen peas! As in, still frozen, not cooked or thawed. 🙂
    That’s awesome, he’s playing floor soccer with himself. (I wonder if he chases balls a lot because he sees Luna do it! Haha!)
    These are such cute shots. Ben is going to love looking at them when he’s older!

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