Good Things

  • pink fuzzy slippers from the moment I get home until I get into bed
  • turning down all invitations for this weekend, which qualifies as good (rather than lame) because it means we will have all weekend to make some house progress (unpacking and rainbow-ifying books! maybe possibly setting up the craft room! figuring out the 15 paint cans the previous owners left us in the garage so we can paint over the patched hole the couch made in the basement staircase!)
  • I’m reading SO much lately. (I especially loved Birthmarked. And am cautiously optimistic about Allegiant, which I’m about halfway through.)
  • the smell of fall leaves
  • looking SO forward to a sleepover with two of my best girls in a few weeks
  • dark, moody nail polish
  • the soon-to-be mine orange Filofax. Organizing nerdery, here I come!
  • coming home to the porch light on (because Dan gets home from work earlier than I do)
  • thinking up ways we can decorate our new place for Christmas
  • and how we’ll (maybe) (hopefully) get a real tree for the first time ever this year (while also finding a Place of Honor for the Little White Tree of Legend)
  • and how I keep telling Dan that I’m going to “decorate the SHIT out of this place for Christmas” and he looks at me veeeery warily

3 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. I am reading Allegiant too, and though I don’t like it as much as the first or second book, it’s keeping my attention, and that can be a challenge sometimes. 🙂 I hope you get the Filofax today. It should be there soon!

  2. I joined a book club with some friends and I’m reading Tell the Wolves I’m Home. My favorite thing is that I don’t need a dictionary to read it. I, too, am really into dark polish colors. I just bought one from Essie called Devil’s Advocate and I like Black Cherry Chutney from OPI (although I don’t own that one). I can’t wait for our sleepover!

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