A House Hunting Update, Better Late than Never

When I last wrote about our house hunting adventure, we had just decided to start looking at townhouses after an incredibly frustrating, depressing house hunt so far. I didn’t have a happy ending to write then, and I still don’t, but even as I wrote that, I had a feeling that things were about to turn around.

We looked at about ten different townhouses in our search area, which was really eye opening. It is really amazing how much more you get for your money in townhouses in this area – more square footage, newer finishes, bigger rooms, etc. And you get even more the further west you go. In the same price range and locations that had us looking at crumbly fixer-uppers with flowery wallpaper, we were looking at 3 bedroom townhouses with garages and basements. After our first day of townhouse-hunting, Dan and I were just so relieved. Maybe we could actually find a place to live after all. (Unrelated side note: calling them “townhomes” really irks me, even as I understand the not-entirely-subtle marketing of thinking of it as your home rather than just any ol’ house.)

the rolling hills of the miscellaneous West
the pretty rolling hills of Western NJ; still so wonderfully pretty to me, as this is definitely not a view you’d see on the Shore

I was a little nervous when one of the nicer-looking places sold before we could even schedule a visit, and started to get antsy when I realized that the first townhouse we looked at (and then saw again that weekend) was really, really nice. Dan liked it, too, even. After an uneasy Sunday evening (uneasy because I wanted to talk paint colors and craft room layouts-both of which help me feel like I can picture us living somewhere for real-and Dan wanted to zone out playing a game while he mulled this Giant Decision over), we agreed – we really wanted this place. So we decided to put in an offer the next day after work. (I’m still not sure how I got anything done that day at all.)

We learned about an hour after we signed a giant stack of Important Offer Paperwork that the condo association was not approved for the type of mortgage we intended to get. And then I was back in the “this is NEVER EVER going to work out” headspace…. what if we can’t get ANY place in this development we now really like, the one that’s head and shoulders better than anything else out there??. Luckily, the mortgage company was willing to work with us to allow us to get the type of mortgage that would work. Game on! The sellers liked our offer, and within sixteen hours of signing the paperwork, we had an accepted offer, still a bit less than the asking price.


dear pretty floors, I already love you
hardwood floors. everywhere. eee!

At this point, I think I was just in shock. It seemed way too soon to celebrate anything, even though I was furiously pinning home decor ideas. After everything we went through, and all the places we looked at, it just didn’t seem possible that it would work out. We had looked at 40 places total. I don’t know if that’s a lot in general house hunting terms, but it definitely felt like a lot.

We got through Attorney Review in record time, and had the inspection a week ago. Amazingly, there’s nothing (huge) wrong with the place, and we’re hoping that the post-inspection negotiations are straightforward. It still feels WAY too soon to celebrate, though.

I was trying to explain to friends over the weekend that I still can’t quite picture us there. Not because I’m regretting it, or don’t like it, or think it’s not the right place for us. It’s just so nice, and so big, and so bright and airy and just so much better than anything else we saw that I can’t believe it’s real. I can picture us staying there for a long time. It’s really more than we were hoping for.

So! That’s the story so far. We’re excited and still afraid to believe it’s really happening, and also sorta freaking out at the idea that we are probably moving in six weeks. Six weeks! This is all just kinda crazy.

our new oak tree?
is this our new oak tree? I think maybe it is. Yay!

11 thoughts on “A House Hunting Update, Better Late than Never

  1. Congrats! House buying is so stressful! I understand exactly how you feel, I was in the same place four months ago – from the moment our offer was accepted until the day we closed I felt like something would go wrong because it just seemed too easy and good to be true. Now that we’re in the house I can’t believe I was so worked up. Keep calm, it’ll pass and then the *real* fun begins 😉

  2. Yay for houses and hardwood floors! I love that you’re now pinning things with an actual house in mind, but I remember all those stressful feelings well. Even the night before closing, I was amazed that nothing had gone wrong. The first weekend the place was actually mine, I wanted to not do anything condo related, because I had spent so much time worrying about it and overthinking it.

  3. So excited for you! I knew that eventually you would find somewhere that fits just right. I hope that the process continues to go smoothly and isn’t as stressful as ours seemed to be. I wanted to cry from stress 1,384,292 times. And I totally get the not-celebrating-yet attitude. Like it might jinx the whole deal. I was still a mess a week after we signed our papers, thinking that maybe something had gone wrong and they would take it away.

    • I’m definitely mega stressed about all of this, and afraid we’re breaking contract rules if we don’t do this by then and etc. this whole process has me totally baffled how anyone deals with buying a place AND selling their current one at the same time. Can you imagine?! *shudder*

  4. This place sounds awesome and I hope it’s everything you wanted. I’m sure the stress is overwhelming right now, but before you know it you’ll be in there unpacking and wondering how it went by so fast. We’ve lived in apartments for so long that the idea of getting a house is both exciting and terrifying. But we know we don’t want to live in apartment anymore. We want our own space to do what we want with it. I’m sure this will all work out just fine for you two. Very exciting!

  5. So so excited for you! I am crossing my fingers that everything gets done as quickly as possible so the stress part will be over. And I want to do a little jig for you, but I guess that should wait until everything is finalized. 🙂

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