Ah, Friday. Windows open, sun shining. Little things, more than ever, as ever. Since I last wrote, I deleted my Facebook page, so it’s entirely possible the small number out there reading this has decreased significantly. Deleting Facebook was strange at first, and then not really strange at all; I interact with many of those people on various other social media already. I have been surprised by the number of people who said “oh I’m so jealous!” or “I wish I could do that!” after I went for it. I wasn’t really expecting that. Other than getting lives in Candy Crush saga, I haven’t missed it much; if anything I feel a teensy bit more free.

We’re still house hunting, technically, although we haven’t seen any houses in person in two weeks or so, with the combination of Dan’s week-long business trip and then dueling sinus infections. We’re getting a lot of encouragement – “it’s so much fun!” “so many ups and downs!” but to be 100% honest? It has been frustrating and far from hopeful so far. We haven’t had any ups. I get angry watching House Hunters now, at people who sneer when there’s only one sink in the master bathroom, or that the appliances are WHITE I mean, heathens, amirite? I’d be perfectly freaking happy with white appliances, because some of the appliances we’re seeing are pre 1990. And with a master bathroom that (a) exists at all or (b) wasn’t so small as to require a special and miniscule (and green) sink. It’s still early, of course, and we really haven’t seen very many houses. I’m hoping we’ll get to see some more soon, and that it will feel more like “of COURSE we’ll find something we love in a town we don’t hate” instead of “maybe we’ll find something that isn’t TOTALLY AWFUL”.

I’m kind of discouraged and whining, of course.

But there have been some really fun times lately, including a capital Q Quest for a maxi dress (because I suddenly became convinced that I NEED one?), s’mores over a camp stove on Mother’s Day, a beer festival in the forest, pb&j at work for lunch (now that it’s summer and I’ve got the place to myself), and a new lens. And it’s finally warm enough for sandals again. And perhaps best of all, the countdown to our real, actual honeymoon is currently at 15 days. The weekend is great stuff, but an actual vacation? I can’t WAIT.

Happy weekend, dudes. Here’s a song I can’t get out of my head (the whole album, actually)

16 thoughts on “Currents

  1. Sucks about the house hunting dude. It always seems to me like searching for the perfect place to live is like finding the fountain of youth. Eventually you just settle for the best of what’s available. Unless you have the money to build your dream house, but even then there’s bound to be headaches. You guys will find something that works for you. And don’t let TV deceive you into thinking it will come easy either πŸ˜‰

  2. I think that Greg and I got extremely lucky with the house we are trying to buy. Total stroke of luck. I don’t even want to think about the stress anymore of looking. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you find something soon!

    p.s. I’m going to make a PB&J right now!

    • Thank you! People keep talking about how fun it is to visit houses, but when you’re trying to find one to spend tens of thousands of your own money on, it’s a little less fun haha.

  3. good luck with the house hunt. i’m sure you will find something that you love.
    and you deleted facebook! wow!!
    also – pancake lens! yay!!!

  4. Do you take post requests? πŸ™‚ Here are mine:
    1. Pics with the new lens! Fun!
    2. Would love to hear more about the facebook thing!

    Where are you going for the Official Honeymoon? Did I miss that somewhere? Yay fun!!

    Thinking successful thoughts for your househunt! Remember that HH is a completely fabricated show frequently populated with douchebags.

    • I’ll totally take requests, and love the idea of a post about the 40mm once I’ve used it more. For the fb question, I may plead the 5th (but ill email you hahaha)

  5. House hunters is a guilty pleasure of mine, as is any show on HGTV. It’s seems like the people with the $1,000,000+ budget are always the pickiest house hunters. Care to share any of your must haves for your future home?

    • It is so unrealistic- and hilarious for it. Ha. We’re hoping for a stand alone house (as opposed to townhouse) with at least 3 br, hopefully some sort of office or craft room potential too. Hoping for a decent flat yard, quiet street, ample parking for guests… And I think a good amount of counter/cabinet space (or: more than we currently have!) and a decent living room area are big. And in a good school district since we’ll prob aim to stay 10ish years or at least… Elementary school ish for any kids we may have hopefully soon lol. It doesn’t seem insanely needy but finding it in a place that doesn’t need a huuuuuge amount of work is proving tough in our price range.

    • Hi!! Well truthfully I was a late and reluctant adopter of Facebook… Always seemed so invasive, and I hadn’t really kept touch with many people from high school (and was okay with that). It creeped me out that I knew so much about people I haven’t actually spoken to in real life in 15 years, always felt so much like acceptable stalking. It got to be hard this year after my wedding and seeing people buying houses and having babies and were not quite there yet. And I just felt weird having so much out there. I haven’t looked back, because my real life (and real Internet) friends are all on Instagram or read here or on twitter. So I didn’t lose touch with anyone important in deleting fb. Id really recommend it if you’re thinking it already!!! πŸ™‚

    • It’s the worst, how I’m more mad at House Hunters idiots than ever,…and am simultaneously more compelled to watch. But I never knew how very far from reality it really is until we started looking ourselves, that’s for sure!

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