Can you believe Daylight Savings is this week? I took this photo from the parking deck on Monday as I was leaving work, just to compare with next week’s sun at that time. I am not a creature of winter, and I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to have the sunshine back in just a few days. (Even if it is snowing outside as I type this.)

I have been feeling a little bit lately like I imagined our wedding. Real, everyday life has been so … normal lately, with its normal stresses and our normal weekday routines, and I already don’t notice that it’s weird to be wearing two rings instead of one. (The name thing reminds me, of course.) It was only a little over a month ago, but it seems like ages.

But the awesome thing is that we’re going on a mini honeymoon this weekend, and both Dan and I are very much looking forward to a few days away together. (We are still going on a real honeymoon, but we can’t do that until the middle of June, so this weekend away feels like such a bonus.) So after another hour, I’ll pick up sandwiches and we’ll be on the road, driving away from this weird wintry March weather and toward some history, museums, astronaut ice cream, fresh air, and relaxation. Together.

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